Vincent Gray

The United States of America, otherwise a beacon of democratic rule for over two centuries, is essentially the North Korea of federal district voting rights, a clear outlier for democratic best practices across the world. As voters across the country elect members of the House of Representatives, District voters have nothing.
“Ever since the creation of the Capitol, we have been an outlier in our own country, integral to the nation, but divorced
Despite the claim to being America's fittest city, the District still has major health problems to address like our obesity rate and health disparities across social and economic groups.
With the democratic primary completed, it's time to assess mayor Gray on the arts.
(Adds quote from spokeswoman, details on measure) The law makes possession a civil violation with a penalty of $25, lower
Both the D.C. Latino Caucus and the D.C. Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus held straw polls. Both polls were won by the current Mayor, Vincent Gray.
Four members of the D.C. Council are running in the Democratic primary and one Independent is has announced he is exploring a run for Mayor. What is becoming apparent is that some of them are going overboard pandering to grasp every vote they can.
Mayor Vincent Gray must decide in the very near future if he will run for a second term.
This is a developing post and has been updated. House Republicans have passed bills, with support from some Democrats, to
The number of confirmed fatalities from the Navy Yard shooting has increased from 12 to 13.