Virginia Judge Richard Moore said the statues of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were protected under a historic preservation law.
State Sen. Richard Stuart is out with a new ad against Qasim Rashid claiming he "doesn't believe Islamic terrorism exists."
“It’s the weirdest thing. He squats down, puts the TV there and walks off," one witness told reporters.
In a new poll, only about a quarter of Americans say they believe President Trump personally opposes white nationalism.
Many lawmakers are only starting to acknowledge how common domestic terror and white supremacy are in the U.S.
And Democrats controlling the Virginia state legislature in 2020 would have long-lasting effects for the party nationwide.
The men had been identified as some of the "most violent" during the deadly white supremacy rally, and had trained to provoke violence.
J. Christian Adams, who served on Trump's voter fraud commission, helped author a report that published the citizens' personal information online.
James Alex Fields Jr., who slammed his car into a crowd of anti-racism protestors during a white nationalist rally in Virginia, has been sentenced to life in prison.
GOP lawmakers said the special session that Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam called in response to a mass shooting was premature and politically motivated.
A new Freedom and Liberation Day recognizing slaves' emancipation in Charlottesville will replace Jefferson's birthday as a city holiday.
Fields is already facing a Virginia life sentence for murder for ramming his car into a crowd at an extremist rally, killing protester Heather Heyer.
James Alex Fields Jr. drove his car into counterprotesters at a 2017 white nationalist rally. An activist was killed and dozens of others were injured.
The court ruled that Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates did not have standing to appeal a lower court ruling that struck down the old map.
Dick Saslaw, the state Senate Democratic leader, nearly lost his seat to progressive human rights attorney Yasmine Taeb.
The wins show growing liberal support for criminal justice reform.
A host of insurgent challenges reflects Democratic gains in the northern part of the state.
It could at least partially explain why survivors of the shooting said they were caught off guard and initially puzzled by what was happening.
Some Muslim Americans running for office in Virginia have seen a rise in death threats since the controversy.
Employees at a Virginia pet shelter tried unsuccessfully to convince the estate's executor to instead put the dog in a new home.