A police officer who pepper-sprayed an Army lieutenant during a traffic stop has been fired.
Northam’s decision will likely disappoint supporters of Jennifer Carroll Foy and Jennifer McClellan, who are running what could be history-making bids.
A new bill will allow adults in Virginia to possess and cultivate small amounts starting in July.
The Democratic candidate for governor, who has rejected allegations of sexual assault, said he has been denied due process like other Black men in history.
No state removed more Confederate memorials in 2020 than Virginia, but Snyder, a GOP gubernatorial hopeful, says those efforts are tantamount to erasing history.
"I was really confused," Virginia high school student Brendan Martin said after the wild incident interrupted his nap.
Virginia’s highest court ruled Thursday that the city can take down two statues of Confederate generals, including one of Robert E. Lee.
Capital punishment is rooted in lynchings, and Virginia has disproportionately sentenced Black people to death.
Unions are betting big on candidates in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. The stakes are high.
Republican Pete Snyder mimics Trump by promoting baseless fraud concerns and calling for increased election monitoring that could lead to political intimidation.