“The injuries are horrible and painful for all involved. Aubrey’s parents ... need our love and they need our help,” said the Virginia State Police Association.
The Space Agency plans to release a full report about unexplained sightings in July.
Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) and police said his staffers were taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.
The family of Irvo Otieno, who was Black, has said he was brutally mistreated while he was experiencing a mental health crisis.
Deja Taylor told “Good Morning America” she believes that her son’s actions were connected to his ADHD diagnosis.
The car speeding over 120 mph "was a rocket, and then it became a missile," the police chief said.
The military is in the process of replacing a number of names and monuments honoring Confederate leaders such as Robert E. Lee.
Spotsylvania County's superintendent floated the idea as cost-cutting measure before then removing over a dozen titles from shelves.
The gathering of white nationalists erupted in violent clashes with counterprotesters.
The woman’s attorney hopes prosecutors will consider “mitigating circumstances,” including her series of series of miscarriages and post-partum depression.