The Texas Republican Cruz has used some phrases multiple times in tweets about mass shootings, but not an identical template.
The head of the U.S. Air Force Academy spoke out when racial slurs against 5 cadets appeared on message boards.
The hosts of HuffPost’s “Here To Make Friends” podcast think Tayshia might have been playing a long con this whole time. Plus, we FINALLY know more about what made Colton jump a fence. Find full episodes of "Here To Make Friends" at #TheBachelor
Internal emails show pipeline firms provided North Carolina and Virginia leaders with draft letters and talking points praising their own projects.
Andy Parker, whose daughter was killed during a live broadcast in 2015, sought to enter the Democratic primary in an effort to unseat GOP Rep. Bob Good.
"I know not everyone likes bugs quite as much as I do, but I hope she thinks it’s a nice gesture," said the Swift-loving scientist who named it.
This year's return was a steep drop from 2019 when the Bidens earned nearly $1 million, primarily from book sales, speeches and their teaching positions.
More than 460 acres of land were given back to the Native tribe, the Interior Department announced.
"The basement became a refuge for more than 50 girls who risked their lives each day in pursuit of education."
Democratic lawmakers in the commonwealth stuck together to vote down Andrew Wheeler’s nomination to be the state’s secretary of natural resources.