The state cybersecurity agency said the damaged wire was "inadvertently struck" during utility work and crashed multiple agencies' networks.
Portsmouth, Virginia, police can't subpoena city prosecutor Stephanie Morales in questionable felony cases and thereby remove her from the matter.
Angela Greene has aligned herself with political opponents of the Virginia senator that the Portsmouth Police Department charged with felony offenses.
Cantwell, 39, is also expected to face a civil trial for his role in the white supremacist violence that engulfed Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.
In Virginia, officer Kevin McGee wants elected prosecutor Stephanie Morales tossed off the questionable cases he brought against civil rights leaders.
Portsmouth Police Department Sgt. Kevin McGee was under investigation for authoring a heated letter blasting Virginia Sen. Louise Lucas (D) and others.
Daniel McMahon waged an online campaign to terrorize and harass those who opposed his white supremacist ideology.
A white Portsmouth resident filed the charges against Lisa Lucas-Burke, who called for the ouster of city Police Chief Angela Greene.
His spokesman says the filing was a technicality and insists that McAuliffe hasn't yet decided whether he will launch a campaign.
The Portsmouth Police Department in Virginia doesn't want its local prosecutor handling criminal cases connected to the destruction of Confederate monuments.