The 36-year-old doctor from Charlottesville could go down in history as the first Black physician elected to a full-fledged spot in Congress.
“I’m not a racist," said a white man spotted spray-painting a racist slogan on the pioneering tennis great's monument.
"I know that this is not a moment to retreat to the past but to step boldly into our future," McClellan says in her campaign announcement.
Authorities say the reptile that was found in a Virginia neighborhood was likely a pet and was released into “the wild by well-meaning pet owners.”
Dr. Cameron Webb is fighting to bring health care reform to the state's largest district. Amid a pandemic, he could make history.
Roughly 150 protesters marched outside an Atlanta Wendy’s restaurant to protest the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks by a white police officer.
Virginia's Denver Riggleman is facing backlash from Republican voters who are questioning his adherence to socially conservative values.
"When I attempt to raise money, there are various groups that make it their life’s mission to get me kicked off the platform,” Spencer told a judge.
Most Americans disapprove of flying the Confederate flag, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds, but just a third favor removing statues and memorials.
Boston police told HuffPost that there have been no arrests in connection with the vandalism to the likeness of the famed genocidal explorer.