An investigation into the shooting, which left a pilot with a minor injury, is now underway, authorities said.
The injunction was imposed right after the judge dismissed a different legal challenge attempting to stop the statue's removal from Monument Avenue in Richmond.
Dominion Energy chief Thomas Farrell II will remain executive chairman of the utility, which provides electricity and natural gas to customers in eight states.
The Fairfax County School Board removed the Confederate general's name from the school in June amid nationwide protests against racism and police brutality.
Dominion CEO Thomas Farrell's history of railroading Black communities and glorifying the Confederacy is under new scrutiny after the demise of his controversial pipeline.
The state said it acted because the Trump administration is sitting on its hands.
The 36-year-old doctor from Charlottesville could go down in history as the first Black physician elected to a full-fledged spot in Congress.
“I’m not a racist," said a white man spotted spray-painting a racist slogan on the pioneering tennis great's monument.
"I know that this is not a moment to retreat to the past but to step boldly into our future," McClellan says in her campaign announcement.
Authorities say the reptile that was found in a Virginia neighborhood was likely a pet and was released into “the wild by well-meaning pet owners.”