Vivek Murthy

“Part of the reason people don’t talk about their loneliness is that they feel they will be judged for it,” Vivek Murthy says.
After decades of anti-smoking campaigns, clean-air laws and other legislation, cigarette use is on the decline. Alas, e-cigarettes
The way forward includes needle exchanges and calling addiction what it is: a medical condition.
Shame, stigma and criminalization are major obstacles to treatment in addition to cost.
"For far too many people living with addiction, they feel that they are living with stigma."
As overdose deaths in North America continue to climb, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy explains to Arianna Huffington how he's tackling the opioid addiction epidemic.
Emotional wellness is just as important as physical wellness.
Happiness can change health in ways we never even imagined.
It's time we joined our Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and started leveraging health solutions at the site of greatest opportunity: the individual. Mindfulness can unlock this vast and under-utilized health resource. So what is mindfulness?