Vladimir Putin

The U.S. agency waged a mission to extract the informant from Russia in 2017 after Trump's election, multiple media outlets reported.
President Trump insisted that Vladimir Putin was ousted from the G-8 "because of Obama," ignoring that Russia violated international law.
Trump faces a tepid reception as anxiety grows over a global economic showdown and tension over trade, Iran and Russia.
Huntsman is reportedly considering a 2020 run for governor of Utah, his home state.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) rebuked critics who called him “Moscow Mitch” after he blocked various election safety bills proposed by the Democrats.
“There’s just something about meeting with Putin that does it to him," said the CNN host.
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a nice laugh about Russian interference in U.S. elections at the G-20 Summit.
Besides, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is going to spend $400 billion on "different things" in the U.S., according to Trump.
The Obama-era White House photographer hit back on Instagram after Trump joked around with Putin at the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan.
The newspaper’s board criticized the president for kissing off concerns about Russian interference in elections at the G-20 summit.
The singer laid into the Russian president, who claimed his country had no problems with gays, even though "Rocketman" was heavily censored.
The U.S. president lightly suggested "get[ting] rid of" journalists.
The president wagged his finger at the Russian leader and told him not to meddle in the U.S. election.
“We’ll be discussing trade, we’ll be discussing military,” among other items, Trump said as he sat across from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo for their discussions.
"Highly sensitive classified information ... if publicly released would put our national security at risk,” Coats said in a statement.
"I don't think Putin would agree," the president tweeted, calling his former secretary of state "dumb as a rock."
The secretary of state will visit Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
The secretary of state insisted to Fox News' Chris Wallace that the White House takes election interference "seriously."
The character gives a heads up to Biden: "To win White House you need to bang porn star-o."