Voter Suppression

Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams crusaded against the new voting laws in Georgia during a Senate hearing.
Rejections are up 12-fold after the state enacted harsh new voting restrictions.
Florida is set to establish the nation’s first Office of Election Crimes and Security in order to look into voter fraud, even though there has not be many instances of said fraud.
"The Ballot or the Blackout" campaign against Arizona steps up after federal lawmakers fail to pass national voting rights protections.
"The future of our democracy is at stake," Congressional Black Caucus members wrote in a letter to the Justice Department.
Black lawmakers are condemning McConnell's comments, in which he appeared to differentiate between "African-Americans" and "Americans."
Democrats will either soon pass voting rights legislation over a GOP filibuster -- or leave voters in key states to grapple with voter suppression themselves.
Still, at the federal level, it remains "incredibly important for Congress to step in" to prevent widespread disenfranchisement, one voting rights attorney said.
Four laws enacted this year amount to “a cocktail of voter suppression measures that land heavily on the young,” one lawsuit accuses.
The GOP’s continuing blockade may now result in talks to change the Senate rule.