Voting Issues

Video shows a vote for Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves' opponent being switched by a glitchy machine. Reeves won the runoff for the nomination.
"Words matter and facts matter," Ellen Weintraub wrote to the president after he baselessly claimed that he lost New Hampshire due to fraudulent votes.
Congressional Democrats are pushing for election security measures that are opposed by Republican leadership.
Sen. Ron Wyden argued that Congress needs to implement “mandatory nation-wide cybersecurity requirements” ahead of the 2020 elections.
An AP analysis found the vast majority of 10,000 election jurisdictions nationwide use Windows 7 or an older operating system.
Critics say the measure is clearly aimed at restricting early voting on college campuses, where parking is limited.
O’Rourke proposed implementing same-day and automatic voter registration across all 50 states, an effort he claims will register 50 million more Americans to vote.
Thousands of Georgia residents are cut off from voting due to a vaguely worded law that state election officials interpret in the strictest possible manner.
David Whitley drew widespread criticism after he claimed nearly 100,000 noncitizens were on the voter rolls. It turned out many of those people were eligible to vote.
The law, effective Oct. 1, calls for fines if at least 100 incomplete voter applications are turned in. It also allows criminal penalties for knowingly breaking the rules.
A closer look at election fraud cases Attorney General Ken Paxton resolved in 2018 suggests many of them were minor.
The North Carolina Board of Elections ordered a new election last month, saying a GOP win was tainted by fraud.
Legal immigrants in North Carolina, and an American citizen, made explainable mistakes. But prosecutors aren't giving them a break and are making an example of them.
“I’m still angry,” the former candidate for Georgia governor said of her narrow loss in November, speaking at an LGBTQ event in San Francisco.
The board’s executive director said an operative for candidate Mark Harris tried to conceal illegal acts with absentee ballots.
Citizens fear they've been wrongly flagged, while legal groups and Democratic legislators work to get it halted.
58 people in one Texas county received two letters regarding a request for citizenship information.
The Senate majority leader said the For The People Act, proposed by Democrats, doesn't "pass the laugh test."
The state’s new scrutiny of nearly 100,000 voters’ citizenship violates the Voting Rights Act, the lawsuit says.