Voting Issues

The report adds new detail to the already shocking final weeks of the Trump administration.
The never-issued executive order would have also appointed a special counsel to pursue "criminal and civil proceedings."
The state law improperly disenfranchises voters with disabilities and other Texans in violation of federal rights, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland argued.
A new report says Mike Lindell is providing a secret safe house to a Colorado county clerk amid an FBI investigation.
The Right to Vote Act would allow voters to challenge any restriction of their access to the ballot.
The Oversight Committee will look into a "highly unusual" audit seemingly designed to foster conspiracy theories and undermine confidence in elections.
The president pointed out that many of the bills in statehouses restricting voting have used as justification Trump’s debunked claims of a "rigged election."
Without a quorum, the state's GOP can't move forward with any of its proposals during the special legislative session.
Kagan accused her conservative colleagues of doing Congress' work for them, saying "this Court has no right to remake" a key section of the Voting Rights Act.
After an election loss and years of mass demonstrations, Republican states are rushing to create new crimes related to voting and protesting.