Voting Rights Act

With no noted dissent, the high court allowed a special master to continue working on a new map for the state with greater representation for Black voters.
A federal three-judge panel blocked lawmakers' hastily created congressional map, ordering a special master to draw new lines for the state.
Louisiana Republicans are relying on the Supreme Court’s rejection of affirmative action in their bid to dismantle the 1965 law.
The court sided with plaintiffs who argued that Alabama’s district maps were an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.
On the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the president spoke of the continued fight for voting protections despite a lack of visible progress.
In Merrill v. Milligan, Alabama asked the court to overturn 40 years of precedent. But both liberal and conservative justices questioned the state's argument.
“No argument is too crazy to try” before the Supreme Court’s six-vote conservative supermajority, one attorney said.
The Supreme Court is allowing Arizona to keep voting restrictions that critics say hurt nonwhite voters.
"The Late Show" host was momentarily speechless after hearing the Senate minority leader's comments.
The law to restore the landmark Voting Rights Act provisions gutted by Supreme Court conservatives faces the same filibuster threat as other voting rights bills.