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The report allegedly concerned Trump comments during a phone call with Ukraine’s president.
The House is investigating whether Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani pressured Ukraine to target Hunter Biden in an effort to help his 2020 reelection campaign.
The editorial slammed Trump's imperious order to U.S. businesses, blowing a gasket and tanking stocks in no-win trade war with China.
The Arkansas Republican reportedly said anyone who opposes the idea is blinded by "Trump derangement."
The National Rifle Association's problems have deepened as its tax-exempt status remains under investigation.
The publisher of The New York Times is taking the president to task for ramping up his rhetoric against the newspaper.
The president has continued a long-running feud with Sen. John McCain, even though the lawmaker died last August.
The morale patches, which were spotted while the president made his Memorial Day address aboard the USS Wasp, had the slogan "Make Aircrew Great Again."
The number will be based on 15 factors, including crime rate and poverty levels in the student's home neighborhood.
Before his departure, NRA President Oliver North warned officials that $24 million and counting in legal fees could strangle the group.
The results come amid the worst measles outbreak in the country in 25 years.
The military service won't be fully caught up till June; its leaders say the shutdown caused an "erosion in readiness."
Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn, who is facing rape accusations, was not part of the settlement.
The company's alleged practices have already prompted lawmakers to act.
The former acting FBI chief shows his disdain for Sessions in his new book, according to The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.
Dairy farmers were counting on China milk buyers before the trade war. "The problem is both nations have stubborn leaders," an industry analyst said.
Donald Trump's former lawyer tried to pay part of the fee with a Brazilian fighter's boxing glove, The Wall Street Journal reports.
The soccer superstar is accused of raping a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.