Wall Street Journal

“Republicans are the gang that couldn’t shoot straight — except at one another,” mocked an editorial in the newspaper.
Donald Trump fanned the flames of Jan. 6 even though the Justice Department "repeatedly told him that his fraud claims were without basis," the paper said.
The MSNBC anchor had her own withering response to the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper's criticism of the former president.
“Will someone speak that truth at least?” Gerard Baker asked in a scathing column calling out GOPers who privately just want Trump to "go quietly away."
A deal between the billionaire and the social media platform could be announced as early as Monday.
It's a striking change in tone for the senator, who has been one of the few Republicans willing to work with Democrats.
The newspaper also praised former Vice President Mike Pence as "a rare Republican these days willing to stand up to Mr. Trump’s disgraceful behavior."
“We are duty-bound to strive for 100% compliance because public trust is essential, not incidental, to our function,” Judge Roberts said.
The former Las Vegas Raiders coach said posting the racist, misogynistic and homophobic comments he made between 2011-18 was "malicious."
The paper said it printed Trump’s falsehoods without any kind of fact check because it trusts readers “to make up their own minds about his statement.”