War Wire

After presiding over George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, in his later years Colin Powell turned his back on Republicans as his party swung to the right.
Grant Stinchfield flips his wig at a U.S. veteran working to rescue Americans in Afghanistan.
Rep. Barbara Lee and allies have pushed politicians to reckon with U.S. overreach, and the Senate and Joe Biden are expected to help end the authorization.
The Democratic leader, who voted for the AUMF in 2002, warned that a future president could "use it as a justification for military adventurism."
The president whose lies pushed the country into the Iraq War attempts to join the "reality-based community."
The attack targeted the Iranian-backed Shia militia in Iraq, marking a major escalation in U.S.-Iran tensions.
The senator from Vermont also attacked his Democratic presidential rival for his positions on issues like trade, health care and the 2005 bankruptcy bill.
The post-9/11 generation is a core of the Vermont senator's White House campaign coalition.
"This is an example of why years in Washington is not always the same thing as judgment," the Democratic presidential contender said of his rival.