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The former U.S. ambassador's wife at the time, Valerie Plame, was outed as a CIA agent shortly after he spoke out on the Iraq invasion.
Nicholas Slatten played a part in a 2007 massacre of Iraqi civilians, including children.
The freshman senator from Arizona used her maiden speech to tell the story of an Iraq War veteran who died by suicide.
David Bellavia, who is credited with saving the lives of his entire squad, will receive the nation's highest military decoration.
From walking back his Hyde Amendment stance to bungling his climate plan rollout, the 2020 presidential candidate had a rough seven days.
The 2020 Democratic candidate's critique came after Biden publicly changed his mind about the Hyde Amendment.
The South Bend Mayor also called the Iraq War, which he said national security adviser John Bolton helped create, one of the worst foreign policy mistakes in U.S. history.
"Congressman Jones will long be remembered for his honesty, faith and integrity," his office said.
"God, he's talking to special operations soldiers in Iraq. It's sort of embarrassing," former Gen. Barry McCaffrey told MSNBC.
Democrat refuses to take the bait over 2003 comments on the Iraq War as the two congresswomen vie to replace Sen. Jeff Flake.
In joining the harrumphing over the White House flag, Matthew Dowd accidentally told the truth.
The Iraq War veteran will now face GOP Rep. Will Hurd in November. She'll make history if she wins.
Iraqi women could have helped stabilize the country. Instead, they have been left homeless, widowed and impoverished.
The Iraq War veteran welcomed her second daughter, Maile Pearl, on Monday.
For Trump, he’s “a tough cookie”. But for the world, John Bolton is a very dangerous addition to the White House.
Fifteen years ago, soldiers started to blog their way through Iraq, leading to questions about how to wage war in the internet age — and a few demotions, too.
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton was a loud cheerleader for the 2003 invasion.