Washington, D.C.

The big cats are also showing symptoms such as coughing and lack of appetite.
Despite fears of violence on Saturday, it’s unclear which of the major far-right groups, if any, will show up for the event.
“My alibi is solid," said the Democratic lawmaker. “I hope the owners find the zebras and that all involved live long, full lives."
The FBI accused Steve Cappuccio, known by online sleuths as #StripesGuy, of ripping the mask off Officer Daniel Hodges and beating him with his own baton.
An ex-Donald Trump campaign official announced a “huge” protest at the Capitol in Washington on Sept. 18 and teased a lineup of “high-profile” speakers.
“The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful!” Police officers testified on the violence and injuries they experienced as rioters broke into the Capitol on Jan. 6.
The shooting took place in the Logan Circle neighborhood in D.C.
One of Dorothy Gale’s iconic farm-girl frocks was rumored to be somewhere in the Catholic University of America’s drama department.
Giuliani was temporarily banned from practicing law in New York two weeks ago.
The Senate -- which initially refused to pass such a measure -- is expected to approve a similar bill. The Gold Medal is the highest congressional honor.