Washington, D.C.

This year’s peak bloom occurred the earliest it has in more than two decades, CBS News reported.
It's a relatively small win. But it's the first time the former South Carolina governor has beaten Trump — and her supporters say it means something much bigger.
Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire in protest of U.S. support for Israel's continued offensive in Gaza on Sunday.
Capitol police said there was no evidence a crime had been committed.
Much of the media narrative around teenagers in the nation’s capital is shaped by crime. The National Links Trust wants to help tell a different story.
Police in a Virginia suburb of the nation’s capital are investigating a massive explosion at a house where officers were trying to serve a search warrant.
The “March for Israel” offered a resounding and bipartisan endorsement of one of America's closest allies as criticism has intensified over Israel's offensive in Gaza.
A portion of Fort Totten Park has been closed off since April, when two metal canisters were discovered in the soil.
“A guy showed up near the Capitol with a semi automatic military assault rifle today and it’s just like ‘ho hum that’s just America!’” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) wrote.
Protesters aimed to send a message not only to Israel but to President Joe Biden.