Washington, D.C.

Micki Witthoeft was charged with simple assault and destruction of property.
Peter Cullen and Dan Gilvezan, voice actors of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, backed the owner's pleas to let the Transformers stay on the sidewalk.
Joe Flood revealed the insult that really got into the head of a Patriot Front speaker on Washington's National Mall.
A proposed DEA rule aimed at restricting telehealth for certain prescriptions has spurred a backlash from dying patients and those who care for them.
The Proud Boys desecrated several historic Black churches in D.C. prior to Jan. 6. One church, suing for millions, hopes to neutralize the hate group for good.
The conspiracy theorist lawmaker went on a long, weird and wrong tangent about public urination laws.
The Kentucky Republican tripped at a Washington hotel during a private dinner and was hospitalized, according to his spokesperson.
Democrats' fear of Republican "soft on crime" criticism in 2024 trumped their push for the local autonomy of D.C. and the 700,000 residents who live there.
President Joe Biden revealed his stance during a meeting with Senate Democrats in a move that infuriated supporters of D.C. statehood.
The Democratic congresswoman spoke out after she was attacked in an elevator at her Washington apartment building on Thursday.