Washington, D.C.

Law enforcement officials formed a kettle and trapped demonstrators on a residential street after Trump called for a crackdown.
St. John’s Episcopal Church pledged to support George Floyd protesters even after it was damaged in a fire. Trump later used the church as a photo-op.
The demonstrations were largely peaceful before police started pushing back protesters and clashes began as a citywide curfew set in.
The president's tweet about White House protesters evoked images of segregationist violence, Mayor Muriel Bowser said.
Inmates are facing bad conditions in prisons and jails nationwide. Correctional officers are at risk, too.
The church squirreled away thousands of respirator masks 14 years ago.
The nation's capital gets shafted once more by Congress.
An Episcopal church has canceled all gatherings after its priest was diagnosed with COVID-19.
Mayor Muriel Bowser called the genre "a creative force that has inspired generations of Washingtonians socially, culturally, and artistically."