Washington, D.C.

The president stoked violence as skirmishes broke out in Washington between Trump backers and counterprotesters, leaving one man critically injured.
Donald Trump's daughter bragged about her father changing Washington and said "there's more to come."
The Oscar-winning actor told Jimmy Kimmel her Southern accent got in the way.
Most candidates hold election night events in their home states. But by having his in Washington, Trump can help his hotel there benefit from the event.
The move indicates a lack of confidence in the White House medical team's own contact tracing efforts regarding an ongoing virus outbreak.
People cry, applaud and sing "Amazing Grace" and "This Land Is Your Land."
"You should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself," Jessica Krug of The George Washington University wrote on Medium.
March on Washington, Hurricane Laura, and masked Santas round out this week's best images.