The Washington Post

The Trump White House press secretary's State of the Union rebuttal "vividly demonstrates a problem for the GOP," wrote Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent.
Lorenz's account was temporarily suspended after the journalist reached out to Elon Musk for comment about a story, she said.
The federal lawsuit seeks no monetary damages. but demands changes to Yale’s withdrawal policies.
Media critic Erik Wemple said he got the nasty response after asking about Carlson's reported accusatory call about his son.
"There is no excuse for this irresponsible rhetoric," the Post's editorial board said.
"The arrival of subvariant BA.5 should be a reminder that the finish line in this race is nowhere to be seen."
Political reporter Felicia Sonmez has been publicly sparring with her colleagues over company policies.
The opinion piece that sparked Johnny Depp's lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard now includes a note saying the court found parts of it to be defamatory.
“I can’t thank you enough for writing that letter to Georgetown on Buckley’s behalf,” the Fox News star reportedly wrote to Biden.