Washington State

Officials suspect the seven attacks on houses of worship in Thurston County, Washington, are meant to “send a message.”
A Seattle initiative links homeless customers with charitable businesses.
"I did not mean to do that at all," the Seattle Mariners player told the ump after he was ejected.
The Washington state governor released a hefty library of climate policies and raised money from over 130,000 donors, but failed to break 1% in the polls.
The driver in Washington state was pulled off on a road's shoulder -- spots supposed to be used only for emergencies.
The Washington state couple left behind notes revealing that they could not afford their healthcare expenses.
The small plane made an intense emergency landing on a busy road in Washington state after a fuel system malfunction.
A witness said the small plane's abrupt landing was the most amazing thing he'd seen in a long time.
Seattle programmer Paige Thompson allegedly boasted about the massive bank data breach on social media and appeared to confess to the crime.
Residents of wealthy neighborhoods are taking extreme measures to block much-needed housing and transportation projects.
“The real message is: Let’s train police officers so they stop hurting our family members, our loved ones.”
Advocates say composting is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and uses less energy than cremation or ground burial.
America’s homeless population may be on the decline but in wealthy, growing cities the issue is increasing.
The Cascade Care plan places caps on payments to health care providers and will be available to all residents, regardless of income, by 2021.
Joe Nguyen (D-Wash.) is the first person of color to hold a seat in his state's 34th District.
A new law won't grant exemptions for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine for personal or philosophical reasons.
The crane appears to have fallen from a building that houses the Google Cloud offices.
A search team "never would have located" the man's body were it not for the barking of his dog, Daisy.
A Washington state judge overruled a plan to make it harder for women seeking birth control at clinics offering abortion services.
The packages arrived after Washington state Sen. Maureen Walsh came under fire for saying some nurses "play cards for a considerable amount of the days."