Washington State

Catholic activists, in particular, are worried that teens will start thinking it's okay to have sex before marriage if they learn about sexual consent at public schools.
Police are preparing for possible clashes as thousands are expected to attend the Proud Boys-sponsored event.
The Seattle Police Department has placed the officer on leave while the incident is under investigation.
The primary effects of William Barr's eyebrow-raising designation of Seattle, Portland, and New York City as "anarchist jurisdictions" will, for now, be political.
Loren Culp, the Republican challenging Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, appears to echo right-wing conspiracists rather than official data.
President Donald Trump and Democratic governors are clashing over the role of climate change in the wildfires ravaging the West Coast.
The president is headed to McClellan Park, a former air base just outside Sacramento, California on Monday.
Warnings of low moisture and strong winds threaten to fan flames after cooler conditions offered a brief reprieve.
Officials have said the number of fatalities from blazes in California, Oregon and Washington is likely to rise.
The death toll from the fires in California, Oregon and Washington stood at 31 and was expected to rise sharply.