West Virginia

A "person of interest" reportedly has been identified in deaths at a VA hospital in West Virginia. Two cases have been ruled homicides.
The centrist Democrat held the governorship from 2005 to 2010 and had previously said he was unhappy in his role as senator.
The president says the state is "producing record setting numbers." In fact, it has the lowest median income in the U.S. and one of the highest poverty rates.
The "King of Coal," who founded one of the country's most productive mining firms, died Thursday.
Teachers went on strike in February over a bill they opposed. A few months later, they face the same fight.
Many who attended Warren's event in West Virginia were just happy to see a politician show up to talk about their problems.
This newly released dashcam footage shows a police officer beating a teen until his body goes limp.
The West Virginia lawmaker said he wouldn't support the Equality Act as written, specifically pointing to provisions for transgender students.
The sign loomed over a table loaded with other Islamophobic flyers on a “WV GOP Day” at the legislature Friday.
NASA renamed a West Virginia facility in her honor, 57 years after her calculations helped the first American orbit the Earth.
Last year's fight was over compensation. This year's fight was over charter schools.
They say they don't trust leadership in the state Senate to not revive an education reform bill they oppose.
Republican lawmakers are seeking to create charter schools, a move many teachers see as retaliation for their previous walkout.
Pamela Taylor was fired from her county job in 2016 after making a racist comment about the then-first lady on Facebook.
Delegate Eric Porterfield has continued to stand by his comments, most recently saying he'd "see if [his kids] can swim" if they came out as gay.
Union leaders say a state Senate plan to create charter schools is retaliation for last year's groundbreaking walkout.
One program, in West Virginia, is rationing food and preparing for layoffs.
Michael Critchfield, a sophomore at Liberty High School in Clarksburg, was allegedly told to pee in a urinal to prove he's a boy.
One local black leader called former state delegate Jill Upson’s appointment “absolutely absurd.”