West Virginia

“I don’t know really what the big rush to get rid of the mask is, because these masks have saved a lot of lives,” said Jim Justice.
The West Virginia Democrats held a private meeting with workers and anti-poverty activists campaigning for a $15 minimum wage.
Julie M. Wheeler was sentenced Wednesday for conspiring to obstruct justice after she pretended to be dead to avoid being sentenced for health care fraud.
Derrick Evans, who faces charges for his involvement in Wednesday's insurrectionist attack, has resigned from the West Virginia House of Delegates.
Federal prosecutors will charge right-wing legislator Derrick Evans and others with entering a restricted area and entering the Capitol.
“We’re in! We’re in! We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!” the Republican state legislator screams.
The U.S. recorded over 3,000 COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday for the third time in less than a week, easily eclipsing the peaks seen last spring.
West Virginia's Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said his party does not have a "crazy socialist agenda" that supports defunding the police.
Cathy Kunkel hopes a (Green) New Deal and a populist message can help her -- and Democrats -- start winning back West Virginia.
Reta Mays, 46, admitted in court that she purposely killed the veterans by injecting them with unprescribed insulin while she worked overnight shifts at a West Virginia hospital.