West Virginia

Democrats feared the conservative West Virginia senator would harm President Joe Biden's path to reelection if he jumped into the race as an independent.
Dozens condemned the West Virginia bill on Thursday, arguing that it would give women no further rights and is a way for Republicans to suppress transgender people.
The state's police officers are no longer be allowed to pull over motorists solely because they have something hanging from the rearview mirror of the windshield.
Mysterious circumstances surround the 1945 fire that destroyed the Sodder family’s West Virginia home, and the remains of five children believed to be inside were never found.
The support is a boon for the popular governor, who is vying for Sen. Joe Manchin’s seat.
The group, known as “ERIC,” included more than 30 states when it became the subject of far-right attacks.
Gov. Jim Justice issued a state of emergency in at least five counties, enabling the National Guard to activate swift-water rescue teams.
The West Virginia moderate has often refused to go along with the Democratic agenda in Washington.
John Lauro, an attorney for the former president, had one state in mind as he argued for a change of venue in his client's Jan. 6 case.
West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins has resigned following a drunken driving arrest.