White House

The White House said the British prime minister hadn't warned aides that he was going to start a conversation at the Oval Office on Tuesday.
With the total debt standing at $28.4 trillion, the government would be forced to cut deeply into programs unless the restrictions on borrowing are lifted or suspended.
However, a White House spokesperson had a slightly different version of her story.
The first lady will resume teaching in person from a classroom at Northern Virginia Community College.
Polling indicates restoring the funds to prepare for future pandemics would be a political winner.
The 26 girls, ages 14-16, are seen as advocates for female empowerment.
Analysts could not say with much confidence how, exactly, the pandemic started.
"There is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss," the president said.
The White House press secretary's relationship with the Fox News correspondent isn't always as contentious as it may seem.