White House

"The American people need to know that there are connections that need to be explored more," warned a communications analyst for the Jan. 6 House panel.
The former first lady says she wants to “set the record straight” about *that* leaked phone call as she peddles a new line of Christmas ornaments.
White House officials say the crux of the president's visit to the U.N. this year will be a full-throated condemnation of Russia and its brutal war.
Kelly came to believe Trump was a "pathological liar whose inflated ego" was the sign of a "deeply insecure person,” according to upcoming book "The Divider."
President Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly has had a really hard time in The White House since starting in late July.
It sure seems like no one wants to become President Donald Trump’s next chief of staff.
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said a rail shutdown is "not acceptable" and would harm families as well as businesses.
During President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, his lawyers denied he abused his power and said the Senate should care more about looking into Joe and Hunter Biden.
Multiple reporters simultaneously interrupted an exchange to inform Karine Jean-Pierre that the British monarch had died.
The internet ignited in approval over the former first lady's hairstyle choice for the monumental day.