White House

With coronavirus reshaping the party conventions, the president said he is considering using the White House for his campaign speech, which is likely illegal.
The president is openly using ‘official’ events, Air Force 1 and federal employees to attack Democrats and spread his reelection message.
The Democratic candidate won't travel to the party's convention due to coronavirus concerns.
Counting efforts including door-knocking and online responses are ending a month earlier than planned.
Merritt Corrigan, former deputy White House liaison for USAID, claims she is being persecuted for her Christian beliefs.
Lawmakers and the White House have been unable to reach an accord for a next round of economic relief from the pandemic.
Trump's aides are worried that the president's 2020 re-election campaign is starting to run out of time.
Republicans, including White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, have downplayed the president's suggestion that the election be delayed.
The first daughter and husband reportedly got an income bounce of at least $7 million over the previous year.
"Ultimately, within a reasonable time, the plans allow for any American who needs the vaccine to get it," the nation's top infectious disease expert assured lawmakers.