White House

America is already "looking dangerously like Russia," said the former top analyst on Russia on the National Security Council.
“These are unique and extraordinary circumstances,” White House counsel Dana Remus said.
The former White House press secretary said she expected such attacks but says the former first lady "knows that I have ... receipts to show that I’m being fully honest.”
Steve Bannon evoked his fascist fantasy by calling on former Trump officials to help the next Republican president get a stranglehold on the government.
At an unrelated event, GOP Sen. Susan Collins said she's working to make Roe v. Wade "the law of the land."
“I’m going to try to sell what I think the American people will buy,” the president said.
In a new tell-all book, Stephanie Grisham revealed that former President Donald Trump defended the size and shape of his penis after Stormy Daniels described it looking like a “toadstool.”
The White House said the British prime minister hadn't warned aides that he was going to start a conversation at the Oval Office on Tuesday.
With the total debt standing at $28.4 trillion, the government would be forced to cut deeply into programs unless the restrictions on borrowing are lifted or suspended.
However, a White House spokesperson had a slightly different version of her story.