White House Correspondents Dinner

The former president took shots at host Colin Jost and called Biden's speech "an absolute disaster!"
The "Weekend Update" co-host paid tribute to his late grandfather, who voted for the president back in 2020.
The president spotted what journalists have to take "seriously" regarding his predecessor following the deadly Capitol riot.
The war in Gaza spurred large protests outside a glitzy roast with President Joe Biden, journalists, politicians and celebrities Saturday.
The “SNL” comedian is best known for his work on “Weekend Update” with Michael Che.
"She can just shut up," Legend said after Kelly criticized Teigen over her dress at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner last weekend.
“I don’t know whether that’s success or failure,” the "Daily Show" correspondent confessed.
"Scandoval" made it all the way to the capital during this year's White House Correspondents Dinner.
The "Daily Show" correspondent took a brutal dig at the Supreme Court justice over his ties to billionaire Harlan Crow.
The president drew gasps from the crowd as he declared that the job "is finished" for Carlson just days after Fox News parted ways with him.