White Nationalism

Trump is "gleefully" embracing "incredibly dangerous white nationalist tropes and ideas," said a spokesperson for the Jewish organization J Street.
Daniel McMahon waged an online campaign to terrorize and harass those who opposed his white supremacist ideology.
Several speakers have flirted with far-right extremism. Will the entire GOP now lean in to it?
Their YouTube channels and several others were terminated for violating policies prohibiting hate speech.
Ethan Melzer was part of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) which federal prosecutors called a racist and "occult-based neo-Nazi" group.
After a far-right militia showed up at an Albuquerque demonstration, one person was shot and the son of a former sheriff was arrested.
"When I attempt to raise money, there are various groups that make it their life’s mission to get me kicked off the platform,” Spencer told a judge.
"It is hard work to get her to see the world through my eyes, even when the facts are staring her right in the face ― or in the neighborhood where we both lived."
With many Americans vulnerable to fascist ideologies during the pandemic, the study warns, Facebook could be fertile ground for recruitment.
The World Cup-winning soccer star said she was “not totally shutting the door” to the idea of a political run.