White Supremacy

Hatchet Speed, a former U.S. Naval reservist, is accused of telling an undercover FBI agent about his plan to "wipe out" the nation's Jewish population.
Her propaganda canonized white supremacist murderers as "saints." She may have helped inspire a shooting at a gay bar. Now she's been unmasked.
Paul Gosar has repeatedly promoted the work of the prominent white nationalist Nick Fuentes.
A Telegram group called Dissident Homeschool has been a resource for neo-Nazis who want to teach their kids hate at home. Now its administrators have been unmasked.
“People didn’t think that these white nationalists would overthrow the Capitol building,” Mayor Muriel Bowser testified to Jan. 6 House committee members.
Donald Trump told a conference of Orthodox Jews on Friday that he is their “best ally” -- ignoring completely his dinner with an avowed white nationalist last month.
Flags are used to instil pride and hope, but for many people, the Mississippi flag represents oppression and terror. We traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to figure out why its state flag still contains the Confederate emblem, and why people are so passionate about flags in the first place.
Donald Trump said he “never heard” of the notorious white nationalist Nick Fuentes before they dined together at his Mar-a-Lago estate.
Donald Trump hosted a dinner for a notorious white nationalist and Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, whose antisemitic tweets were recently blocked on Twitter.
Magnolia State voters accepted a new state flag design to replace the old Confederate battle emblem.