White Supremacy

Scuttling Roe v. Wade is a "good start" to allowing "our own people to live," Matt Schlapp told media at the conservative group's Budapest conference.
A radical GOP faction, in open alliance with extremists, is seizing power and targeting its opponents with cruelty. Some wonder: Is it time to leave?
On his show, Tucker Carlson refused to apologize for promoting a white supremacy conspiracy.
Evan McLaren marched at the deadly 2017 Charlottesville rally. Now he's voicing “revulsion” for his former movement, and "for conservatism" in general.
Leaked emails show Stephen Miller is as racist as you think he is and now democrats are calling for him to resign.
The Arizona Republican's campaign denied he was attending, despite his promotion of the event on Instagram.
"When I seize power, 'hate crimes' will be encouraged," read a social media post linked to veteran officer Aaron Paul Nichols. He resigned Tuesday.
The Arizona Republican now claims his controversial participation was just to say, ‘Welcome to the Miami area. Have a great conference," and the U.S. is in crisis.
Since the deadly "Unite The Right" rally in August, white supremacists have targeted multiple cities for rallies. Each has been determined not to be the next Charlottesville. Here’s what the people in Newnan, Georgia, had to say as the town prepared for a neo-Nazi event to take over the local park on April 21.