James "Whitey" Bulger

“Trump is tough and fights back instead of bowing down to pressure ― and caving in to press," the Boston mob kingpin wrote.
The cause of death for the notorious Boston mob boss was listed as “blunt force injuries of the head" while imprisoned.
But questions continue to mount about why prison officials transferred the mob boss to a veritable lion's den.
"Sending him there is like a death sentence," a Bureau of Prisons employee said after the mobster was killed in Hazelton penitentiary.
‘Whitey’ Bulger was of the nation’s most notorious gangsters, a perfect subject for mobster movies.
‘Whitey’ Bulger was of the nation’s most notorious gangsters, a perfect subject for mobster movies.
Fotios “Freddy” Geas has reportedly not disputed his role in the Boston mob kingpin's slaying.
Bulger was at the top of Boston's criminal underworld for a quarter-century, then going on the lam for 16 years before his capture.
Within the annals of twentieth century American organized crime there will forever be an elite, short-list of names with unmatched recognition. They are the sinister royalty, a collective brotherhood of infamy.
"I have a feeling Black Mass will be very different. It's based on the first non-fiction book written about this saga. It proclaims itself to be based on a true story, so I'm sure a lot more research has gone into making it as accurate as possible."
Exceptional acting, superior direction, a compelling story and brilliant cinematography make "Black Mass" a must see.
Johnny Depp leads an impressive ensemble cast in this well-made story about not only Whitey Bulger, but the FBI agents who empowered his reign as Boston's crime boss for two decades.
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The new "Black Mass" trailer probably isn't for young, impressionable kids, but for everyone else it's a pretty great time
The only problem is that many of those stories were lies, according to a federal indictment announced after the retired agent
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Perhaps no other location in a bid for the 2024 Olympics has stimulated more controversy than Boston has. Some are vehemently opposed. But for those who want to offer the city up for this extravaganza, there are many reasons to do so.