William Barr

Donald Trump's former attorney general reacted on CNN to the ex-president's "poisoning the blood" comments.
Trump accused Barr of "succumbing" to the will of "Radical Left Lunatics" in a defiant Truth Social post.
The former attorney general said once again he didn't think the Justice Department's case ran afoul of the First Amendment.
The former attorney general pushed back against an "onslaught of attacks" that claim the 2020 election case facing Trump amounts to “weaponization."
"Free speech does not give you a right to engage in a conspiracy," said the former attorney general in Trump's administration.
The former president goes off on more conspiracy theories in his latest interview.
Barr, who served as attorney general under Trump, broke down why the former president is no "victim" in the wake of a 37-count federal indictment.
Barr's criticism of the Fox News host — on his own network — piled onto a day of condemnation for the conservative outlet.
The former attorney general called the 37-count federal indictment against his old boss "very, very damning."
Trump's ex-attorney general ripped the former president — but then admitted he’d still get his vote.