William Barr

The former attorney general compared the executive positions held by three of Trump's middle-aged kids to how some parents buy their children cars.
The former attorney general had the perfect comeback to a weak insult from his old boss.
A Trump-appointed judge is in the spotlight after granting the ex-president's request for a third party to review classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.
The former attorney general also said it was "wrong" for a federal judge to grant a special master to review the classified documents Trump had in his home.
"A RINO for him is anyone who disagrees with him that the election was stolen," the former attorney general said.
The former attorney general couldn’t “think of a legitimate reason” why Trump should have had possession of the classified documents recovered by the FBI.
It's premature to reach a conclusion about the ex-president's trove of government documents stashed at Mar-a-Lago, his former U.S. attorney general said.
The memo supports then-Attorney General William Barr's conclusion that Trump shouldn't be prosecuted in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.
Barr told CBS News that recent subpoenas of high-ranking Trump officials suggest prosecutors are focusing on "the group at the top."
Testimony from the hearings is prompting many of Trump's supporters to simply reassert their views that the former president was correct in his false claim of victory.