William Barr

The Washington Post's discovery adds new information to former President Trump’s aggressive efforts to clamp down on leaks.
Cohen claims he was sent back to prison after release to home detention because he was working on a book critical of Donald Trump.
Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor, bashed Bill Barr's efforts at "image rehabilitation" after advancing Trump's big lie.
Former attorney general gets caught trying to rewrite his own history when it comes to Trump's election lies.
Trump and the Joint Chiefs of Staff leader went at each other in a tense meeting amid Black Lives Matter marches, according to excerpts from a WSJ writer's book.
The former president also falsely claimed that the Senate Republican leader has not been able to stop Democrats from passing legislation.
The ex-president attacked his former attorney general and the Senate GOP leader, two key figures who enabled his agenda, calling them "spineless RINOs."
The former attorney general spoke to The Atlantic about his tense final few months working for the Trump administration.
The House speaker insisted that former Attorneys General Jeff Sessions and William Barr testify before Congress about the subpoenas and gag orders.
The former attorneys general are subject to a subpoena if they refuse.