Jill Karofsky took her oath of office Sunday at the 35-mile marker of the route. She completed the run in 34 hours.
“I don’t know what’s worse: the beating or having someone turn something so personal that happened ... and weaponize it against you,” said state Sen. Tim Carpenter.
The workout routine was meant to be a tribute to George Floyd but featured the image of a kneeling man and the words “And don’t you dare lay down."
Unlike COVID-19 restrictions designed to protect public health, the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII was based on racism and xenophobia.
Wisconsin’s state Supreme Court overturned the governor’s stay-at-home orders. Gov. Tony Evers (D) says the court’s decision will lead to more coronavirus deaths.
“It is a mess,” declared Tony Evers, who warned that Wisconsin is now "in the Wild West."
Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers sought to extend the state's coronavirus precautions through May.
Jill Karofsky, who won a state Supreme Court seat, accused Republicans of endangering voters during the coronavirus pandemic.
To date, 230 people have died in Wisconsin and nearly 4,500 have tested positive.