Wisconsin Protests

The Wisconsin legislature is going the extra mile with three separate bills to retroactively decriminalize the behavior at the heart of the investigation and to defang the nonpartisan elections agency that aided it. Two of the bills are on a fast track being sped through the legislature with an unusual Joint Senate/Assembly hearing on Tuesday.
The attack on the GAB goes hand in hand with recent assaults on Wisconsin's open records law, and efforts to changes the John Doe law to exclude politicians from ever being investigated in the manner that average citizens are.
Dear Governor Walker: I'm appalled by your willingness to trade off the well-being of working people and the health of a fabulous state university system for your grandiose, selfish ambition. I'll do whatever I can to make sure you will not become president.
Scott Walker will announce for president today. After standing for 25 primary and general elections in 25 years, he is poised to take his "divide and conquer" brand of politics to the national stage.
Trickle-down economics doesn't work, and frankly, it never has. If we want to restore a healthy middle class, we need a different approach, a virtuous cycle that begins with a high-quality public education that gives students the skills they need to get good jobs with fair wages.
Critical thinking says if you want to earn more money, bullying your employer with a mob isn't the answer. Production is. If you want to earn more money, provide more service.
MADISON, Wi., March 8 (Reuters) - Activists protested for a third day in Madison, Wisconsin, on Sunday over the fatal shooting
So, that happened. This week, let's talk about you. What kind of stuff do you like to read on this site, and how do we provide
The bill will more than likely pass, then get signed by Walker with multiple pens. Should I have stayed home?
Randy Bryce, a former Democratic state Senate candidate and member of the Ironworkers Local 8 union, was removed from the
"You attack workers and then you’re surprised when they’re angry?" shot back Robert Wirch, a Senate Democrat. The call: "United
Why would politicians and their billionaire backers expend so much political capital (and actual capital) attacking unions when unions in America represent a small fraction of the workforce--around 11 percent?
Like establishing a garden or writing a book, building a patio in an uncertain world is an exercise in enlisting the passage of time to advantage: an act of faith.
 In the America that I want to live in, it's not all right for police to intimidate entire communities with automatic weapons, riot gear and armored vehicles.
A similar measure that would require malfeasance in office for an elected local official to be recalled also is working its
A video of the incident shows several Capitol Police officers talking very briefly to protester Damon Terrell before they
It could be said that Gov. Scott Walker wants to rid the capitol of the daily protests against his administration before
Police also arrested Matthew Rothschild, the editor of The Progressive, a left-wing magazine based in Madison. He wrote about
Celebrities have demonstrated their support for protesters in Wisconsin's Capitol building facing arrest for singing as part
"I'm really torn but I'm going to push it to the limit," Anstett said. However, recently enacted protest permit requirements