Wisconsin Recall Elections

The rich are prepared to invest a lot to defend their interests; the people of the country will have to be convinced to do
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC), Wisconsin's premier lobby for corporate tax breaks and low-wage jobs, has unleashed a $600,000 ad blitz to strip Wisconsin's independent chief justice of her title just as the Wisconsin Supreme Court prepares to take up the "John Doe" criminal probe of Scott Walker and the special-interest groups that defended him against recall in 2012.
The lawsuit now before the 7th Circuit was brought by the outside groups involved, including the Wisconsin Club for Growth
The documents portray the Wisconsin Club for Growth as the coordinated campaign's hub of operations, spending money on ads
Walker became the first governor in U.S. history to survive a recall election in 2012 when he defeated Milwaukee Mayor Tom
A similar measure that would require malfeasance in office for an elected local official to be recalled also is working its
Citizens for a Strong America, in turn, made big donations to two anti-abortion groups -- $916,045 to Wisconsin Family Action
"There are some voices in the Legislature that talked about [expansion]," Walker said at the forum in Milwaukee, before defending
The arrests mark the first time Capitol Police have clamped down on protesters since William Conley, the same federal judge
The year was 2010, and the loss of Senator Russ Feingold signaled the ringing in of a dark winter in Wisconsin.