Working Poor

Did young rural voters seek an outsider candidate like Trump because they are more politically alienated?
The rate of working poverty among youth in Sub-Saharan Africa, a staggering 70 percent of whom earn less than $2 a day, has
On September 13, the Census Bureau released a report that the U.S. economy had performed well for many Americans in 2015. The report indicated that the poverty rate had fallen by 1.2 percentage points last year - which was the biggest decline in one year since 1968.
The days of labor have passed. Labor Day for all of those in the working and lower middle class who toil in blue collar and white collar jobs and make so little in wages that they qualify for food stamps and public aid.
She shares little glimpses of her life. Her significant other/husband/boyfriend is not very helpful. She's not sure why she
Even dogs have more social capital than truckers. You cannot leave a dog in a closed vehicle but you can truckers. Legislation
I am the lady who feels she deserves to have a life and enjoy it, even if you don't, even if it bothers you that your tax dollars are helping her. I am the lady who understands the true meaning of "there but for the grace of God go I" and that any one of us can fall on hard times.
None of this changes the fact that the American political conversation this election season is being driven by the widely
The purpose of public housing programs is to help lower-income families find and maintain suitable housing, but an audit