World Elections

Politicians love us -- or if they don't, they at least fake it until they make it. I suppose this means young people are gaining ground. But where no one was watching, young people had even bigger wins this year -- as candidates.
Tuesday's election signaled a political sea change in New York City as voters chose a candidate who repeatedly emphasized
Voters in the Washington city of SeaTac raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Money did have a decisive influence on many
"If you are a Republican, you embrace [House Speaker] John Boehner, you lose," he said. "If you are a Republican who seeks
The Associated Press reports: Byrne will battle Democrat Burton LeFlore (D) and Independent candidates James Hall and Curtis
Bradley Byrne won the Republican runoff in Alabama's 1st congressional district, defeating tea party-backed candidate Dean
Byrne will battle Democrat Burton LeFlore (D) and Independent candidates James Hall and Curtis Railey in the general election
Voters in Minneapolis on Tuesday confronted a ballot containing 35 candidates for mayor and a potentially confusing process of choosing first, second and third choices in the race.
Republican Dean Young, who has made headline for his controversial remarks on gay rights and President Barack Obama's birthplace
Two Alabama Republicans are battling in a runoff election to see who will be the GOP nominee in the race to represent the
Businessman Dean Young is facing off against former state Sen. Bradley Byrne in a GOP runoff election in Alabama's 1st district
Republican Bradley Byrne is facing off against fellow Republican Dean Young in a runoff election in Alabama today. The two
Republicans Dean Young and Bradley Byrne are battling in a runoff election in Alabama's 1st district on Tuesday. The two
Republican congressional candidate Dean Young will face off against fellow Republican Bradley Byrne in a runoff election
The world's most watched elections occur in America. The world's most boring election occurred in Germany, characterized by debate over such critical issues as meat-free days in government cafeterias. As expected, Chancellor Angela Merkel was effectively reelected.
Unless he makes some terrible gaffe in the next few weeks, Bill de Blasio will most likely be the next mayor of New York City.
At every turn, the far-left stupidly undermines its political goals simply because it doesn't understand the realities of American politics. If perchance I'm wrong, and they do get it, they spend way too much energy trying to reinvent the wheel rather than, you know, winning.
It is time that Iranians make efforts to remove the negative connotations associated with the term "radical" so we may collectively help strengthen human rights advocacy in Iran.
A reformist government is Iran's best bet for an exodus from the current economic hardship, for changing Iranians' political status from duty-bound minors to full citizens, and to establish a democratic regime worthy of such citizens.
When Congress voted to authorize the Iraq War in 2002, only seven Republicans voted against it. 10 years later those Republicans maintain they were right all along. HuffPost Politics reporter Jen Bendery joins Mike to weigh in.