Bobbi Barrasso was a vocal advocate for addressing Wyoming's high suicide rate.
Lorna Green's arson caused severe damage and delayed the clinic's opening by nearly a year.
Authorities said the boy's mother and stepfather allegedly locked him in his room and occasionally beat him.
Lorna Roxanne Green, the 22-year-old abortion opponent, said she regretted torching the state's only full-service abortion clinic.
Terri Lesley’s firing is a harbinger of what could come next, as versions of her story are replicated around the country.
The damage caused by the 22-year-old abortion opponent kept the clinic from opening for almost a year.
A judge has blocked Wyoming’s first-in-the-nation ban on abortion pills days before it was set to be implemented in July.
Taco Bell is asking U.S. regulators to force Wyoming-based Taco John’s to abandon its longstanding claim to the trademark.
The 22-year-old told an ATF agent she had “nightmares which she attributed to her anxiety" about the future clinic, according to a court filing.
The law, which took effect Sunday, has been placed on hold after abortion-rights supporters argued that it harms pregnant women and violates the state constitution.