Xi Jinping

“Don’t let anyone tell you that we’re paying. We’re not paying," he insisted. Yes we are.
Negotiations are "back on track," Trump tells reporters in Osaka.
The president tweeted about “substantial” progress in those talks and a possible summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
One Twitter user pointed out Trump's imitation of Xi Jinping came while he was praising the Chinese leader.
The U.S. has agreed to delay a planned Jan. 1 tariff increase to allow the two powers to iron out their trade differences.
The 34-mile bridge connects the semi-autonomous regions of Hong Kong and Macau to the Chinese mainland.
An official government report laid out its aims to assimilate Muslim ethnic minorities and root out extremism.
Meng Hongwei's wife says she received a threatening phone call from a man speaking Chinese one week after her husband went missing.
America's international image has taken a nosedive since Trump took office, a Pew Research Center poll found.
The lovable bear has emerged as a symbol of resistance in China against President Xi Jinping.
The “Last Week Tonight” host laid into China’s President Xi Jinping pretty deeply.
As Trump tries to broker a trade deal with China, let's just say his history of with Beijing is... complicated.
It's the first time a rocket designed by a Chinese private company has successfully entered orbit.
President Trump is set to meet with Kim sometime in the next few weeks.
It is Kim's first trip abroad since he assumed power in 2011.
The president has brokered an informal alliance of autocrats and financiers worldwide against the U.N. and human rights more generally.
The legislature is packed with delegates loyal to the ruling Communist Party, meaning Xi’s re-election was never in doubt.
Lawmakers overwhelmingly endorsed a controversial constitutional amendment that would allow President Xi Jinping to stay in office indefinitely.
In Trump’s admiration of Xi Jinping – and the fawning of his enabling audience – we see again the dangers of this presidency.