Xi Jinping

Tensions between the two countries continue as the U.S. released video of a Chinese navy ship crossing into the path of a U.S. destroyer over the weekend.
John Bolton doesn't hold back in latest criticism of the former president.
The Republican Accountability Project taunts Trump for praising autocrats.
"Tells you all you need to know," Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle responded on Twitter.
China's leader arrived in Moscow days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Xi’s trip comes after the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for the Russian president's arrest.
China has sought to project itself as neutral in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, even though it has declared a “no-limits” friendship with Moscow.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping has been awarded a third five-year term as president, adding to signs he might stay in power for life.
The planned visit to Beijing this week comes as U.S. concerns grow that China is considering providing military aid to Russia in its war on Ukraine.
Bao Fan hasn't been seen in several days. His bank, China Renaissance, urged employees to "not believe in or spread rumors."