Yeardley Love

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — A former University of Virginia lacrosse player has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for
Photos of Love's body, her medical records and other so-called sensitive pieces of evidence that the jury saw were not made
A jury suggested a 26-year prison term for Huguely. Formal sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 30. The tape of police questioning
In May 2010, Huguely drunkenly stormed into the bedroom of his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love, who also played lacrosse for
While ostensibly generating money for the charity, the event first and foremost encourages the practice of hardcore drinking.
The 24-year-old former University of Virginia lacrosse player faces up to 40 years in prison, but the court will decide the
Huguely, 24, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and five other charges. If convicted of the May 2010 killing of Yeardley
May 3, 2010 Love's body is found by her roommate around 2 a.m. Her roommate tells the 911 dispatcher that Love possibly died
Deliberations begin Wednesday after lawyers presented closing statements Saturday in the 24-year-old's first-degree murder
"It sounds to me that the prosecution is basically trying to show he had these ill feelings for a long period of time and
The picture painted by Huguely's team stands in stark contrast to the prosecutor's case against the 24-year-old former college
This Tweet and similar others circulated in the days following Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where Chris Brown, known primarily
Several other teammates were called to the stand in Charlottesville today as the defense brought their case to a close, WINA
Prosecution experts at the trial have agreed it was unlikely Love died from falling and hitting her head on the floor, saying
Jurors were also shown emails between the former couple. The batch of messages weren't shared with the public, but last week
"He's not complex, he's a lacrosse player" Lawrence reportedly said. Love and Huguely had had a turbulent history. Friends
Nearly two years ago, the University of Virginia mourned and tried to comprehend the death of Yeardley Love, a fourth-year
Read more about Huguely and Love's on-again, off-again relationship at the Post. WATCH: Good Morning America report: According
CHARLOTTESVILLE - On the field of her dreams, Yeardley Love will remain number one forever. The Cockeysville, Md., native's