The U.N. refugee agency said it hopes that Jolie’s visit would draw attention to growing humanitarian needs in Yemen.
In a letter obtained by HuffPost, top Democrats say a terror designation for the Houthi militia in Yemen would have devastating consequences and few benefits.
White House aide Brett McGurk, Republican lawmakers and the United Arab Emirates want to restore a Trump-era terror designation for the Houthi militia.
A second strike, targeting a telecommunications building, killed at least three children and knocked the internet offline.
President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan is traveling to Saudi Arabia.
People fleeing to Pakistan from Afghanistan, wildfires in California, and Yemeni bicyclists riding for peace appear in some of this week's most memorable images.
Saudi Arabia and the UAE are both accused of human rights abuses — but Biden seems to believe that should only matter for the Saudis.
Journalist Adel Al-Hasani told HuffPost how the UAE and its allies in Yemen tried to silence him, and warned of further human rights violations.
No Biden staffers who signed a letter regretting Obama's Yemen policy would say on the record how the administration's support of Israel's bombardment is different.
The UN warns the Arab world’s poorest nation is speeding “towards a massive famine.”