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Pentland was charged with assault after a threatening rant in which he told the man he was "in the wrong neighborhood."
Fox Business' Lisa Kennedy Montgomery slammed the South Dakota Republican's "call me when you're an American" tweet.
Fees on oil producers and petrochemical companies once funded toxic waste cleanups. Republicans let them expire in 1995. Democrats want them back.
"He doesn't care about anyone but himself," one critic said of the Texas Republican.
The MSNBC host said the American right has turned into a "nihilistic psychotic political movement."
"The 'police talk' simply isn't something that occurs in white households."
It's to do with Republican attacks on science and data, argued Matthew Dowd.
“CNN is like a guy who gets you wasted on purpose," claimed the "Gutfeld!" host.
The late-night host has an offer only they can refuse.