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The couple, who create content for social media, were found guilty of encouraging rioting against Iran's regime.
Musk insists Twitter is already on the same page regarding "accuracy" and "accountability."
One of the places the balloon was spotted was Montana, which is home to one of the nation’s three nuclear missile silo fields at Malmstrom Air Force Base.
Ukraine’s anti-corruption drive was expected to be on the agenda of the talks.
The new $5 bill will feature an Indigenous design rather than an image of King Charles III.
The court rejected all four appeals and will remain in custody until Feb. 27 as prosecutors continue investigating the case.
The chief executive of the mining giant Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Simon Trott, has apologized for the incident and expressed gratitude for the find.
The chase was on in Botswana between the hungry reptile and the desperate buck.
Bolsonaro is being investigated for whether he had any role in inciting his supporters to storm the country's capital.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said both sides must work to de-escalate tensions that have soared in “a new and horrifying surge in violence.”