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Thousands of Nigerians have demonstrated in Lagos for nearly two weeks against a police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).
The house of worship is being closed for six months after it shared a Facebook video that expressed anger towards Samuel Paty before his death.
One expert said "it would be scientifically astounding if there were not human remains still onboard" the Titanic.
HuffPost reporters are tracking the latest news on the coronavirus.
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha's government has outlawed news said to affect national security amid mass protests.
It took just 32 days to go from 30 million global cases to 40 million.
It's the second time since March that someone living in the Santa Marta residence has tested positive for the coronavirus.
"Everything will be shut," said Vincenzo De Luca, president of Italy’s Campania region, which is contending with the brunt of a coronavirus second wave.
The World Health Organization warned intensive care units in a number of European cities could reach maximum capacity in the coming weeks.
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima said they saw the "intense" reactions of people and canceled the rest of their vacation in Greece.