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The launch marked possibly the most significant demonstration of the North’s military might since President Joe Biden took office.
Russia says it's acting in retaliation to NATO’s expulsion of Russian diplomats.
Incredibly, there were no reports of any injuries following the incident at Dutch club NEC Nijmegen’s Goffert Stadium.
Rescuers are recovering bodies a day after torrential rains swept through villages and flooded roads in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries said the kidnapped group consisted of 16 U.S. citizens and one Canadian.
Canada woman Ruth Hamilton narrowly missed getting hit by a meteorite that crashed through her roof and landed between her pillows.
A private laboratory has been suspended from processing swabs after the false negatives.
Some 150 students were participating in the cleanup along the banks of the Cileueur when 21 of them slipped into the water.
The early investigation has revealed “a potential motivation linked to Islamist extremism," UK officials said.
Buckingham Palace had no comment or clarification on the queen's remarks.