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Naftali Bennett, the head of a small ultranationalist party, will take over as prime minister.
The pups were stuck inside the central Mexico sinkhole for about four days before being rescued by firefighters.
The announcement comes hours after President Joe Biden committed to donating 500 million COVID-19 shots to help speed the global pandemic's end.
The two-time Olympic champion ran the 100 meters in 10.63 seconds. Only sprinting legend Florence Griffith Joyner has ever clocked a faster time.
The queen's youngest son said royals have all dealt with intrusion and attention "in slightly different ways."
The Queen marked what would have been her husband's 100th birthday with the planting of the Duke of Edinburgh Rose.
"Just because you can legalize an evil act doesn’t make it any less evil," Mohammed el-Kurd, who was recently detained, told journalist Mehdi Hasan.
Navalny, Putin’s most ardent political foe, was arrested in January upon returning from Germany.
Graduate students' decision to take down the photo of Queen Elizabeth drew outrage from some and cries of "cancel culture."
The U.S. dollar is still the currency of reference, but anyone who invests three Bitcoin in the country -- currently about $105,000 -- will be entitled to permanent residency.