World News

North Korea has fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea as the United States moves an aircraft carrier to neighboring waters for exercises with South Korea.
Florence's mayor also invited a school principal who was ousted after students were shown the nude statue to visit the Italian city so he can personally honor her.
Yoav Gallant called for a halt to the Israeli prime minister's planned overhaul of the judiciary that has fiercely divided the country.
Beijing's diplomatic victory comes as tensions rise with the U.S., including over China's increasing assertiveness toward self-ruled Taiwan.
The request intensifies a brewing showdown between the prime minister's government and the judiciary it's trying to overhaul in a widely-opposed plan.
Ukraine says the Security Council must “counter the Kremlin’s nuclear blackmail” after Russia revealed plans to station tactical atomic weapons in Belarus.
Ximo Puig, the president of the Valencia region, said the effects of climate change “are undeniable, so the perspective of firefighting must be considered on an annual basis.”
India's top opposition leader and fierce critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was expelled from Parliament Friday.
The prospect of the monarch being confronted by protesters and piles of garbage in the streets of Paris forced officials to rethink their plans.
The Pentagon says a U.S. contractor was killed when a suspected Iranian drone struck a facility on a coalition base in northeast Syria on Thursday.