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Activists protested at the COP28 summit in Dubai, calling for a Gaza cease-fire and the release of detainees in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.
Heavy fighting is raging across Gaza, including in the devastated north.
Bypassing Congress with emergency determinations for arms sales is an unusual step that has in the past met resistance from lawmakers.
Israeli officials said they were searching for Hamas militants, but some men simply have not been able to leave or are afraid to travel.
Israel’s military pushed ahead with its punishing air and ground offensive in Gaza, bolstered by an emergency sale of tank ammunition approved by Washington.
The United States has vetoed a United Nations resolution backed by almost all other Security Council members demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza.
United Nations officials say there are no safe places in Gaza for Palestinians, with heavy fighting around Khan Younis displacing tens of thousands of people.
"Nowhere is safe in Gaza," wrote U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, repeating his calls for a permanent ceasefire in the region.
The case marks the first prosecution against Russians in connection with atrocities during their war against Ukraine.
Israeli forces are battling Hamas militants across Gaza after expanding their ground offensive to its second-largest city.