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Activists in Lebanon blame politicians' corruption and negligence for the blast that killed nearly 160 and left thousands injured.
The footage and messages offer a terrifying glimpse into the allegedly unsanitary and inhumane conditions inside China’s so-called “re-education centers.”
Only a few other European countries have done so.
The Boeing 737 split in two while landing Friday in heavy rain in southern India.
And now the Duke of Sussex is advocating for change.
More than 62,500 cases were reported in the past 24 hours.
Health ministry said herd immunity "cannot be a strategic choice or option" given the size of India’s population.
Max, a 2-year-old German shepherd, was "crucial" to finding a missing mother and her young son in Wales, the police inspector said.
“It was irresponsible behavior on my part," the man admitted of the incident, which was caught on a surveillance camera at a museum in Italy.
A wave of destructive energy shot across Lebanon’s capital.