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Serbs held more protests in a northern town where clashes with NATO-led peacekeepers left dozens injured and sparked fears of renewed conflict.
Hamburg-based Teutonia Ottensen called its punishment for stopping a game in protest of racist abuse apparently directed at Marcus Coffie “a slap in the face."
Air New Zealand wants to weigh 10,000 passengers so pilots can better know the weight and balance of their planes before takeoff.
Investigators were on the case when the Grand Canal became fluorescent green overnight.
The drone attacks, which Russia has blamed on Ukraine, have brought the war to civilians in Russia's capital for the first time.
“She looked like a rag doll,” Delaney Irving's mother said of footage showing her daughter's victory at the annual competition on Cooper's Hill in Brockworth.
Russian forces fired 11 ballistic and cruise missiles — all intercepted — at Kyiv in the morning, hours after a more common nighttime barrage of the city.
The legislation has been widely condemned by rights activists and others abroad.
Erdogan, 69, is set to remain in power until 2028.
The attack came as Ukrainians prepared to mark the anniversary of Kyiv's founding on Sunday. The timing was likely not coincidental, officials said.