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Pro-democracy lawmakers see the anthem bill as an infringement of freedom of expression, and staged a protest in the legislative chamber.
The long-running case of McCann, who vanished in Portugal shortly before her fourth birthday, has intrigued Britain for years.
Stay up to date as we cover the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its effects across the world.
Health secretary told current figures are neither "complete" nor "comprehensible".
Public Health England report finds people of Bangladeshi ethnicity are twice as likely to die as white people, while other minority groups had a 10 to 50% higher risk.
The country that was once the global epicenter of COVID-19 is lifting travel restrictions, hoping to be at the vanguard of a post-virus recovery.
The AP has found rather than colluding with China, WHO was itself largely kept in the dark, as China gave it only the minimal information required.
The health crisis comes as the African country battles COVID-19 and the world’s largest measles outbreak.
Arman’s dancing was limited to local competitions and weddings until social media turned him into a celebrity.