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In a statement, the human rights lawyer and wife of actor George Clooney wrote that she believes the law applies to "every country in the world."
Karim Khan said he believes Netanyahu, his defense minister Yoav Gallant and three Hamas leaders are responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
His supporters cheered and applauded outside court as news of the ruling reached them from inside the Royal Courts of Justice.
The president had widely been considered a potential successor to Iran's supreme leader.
“No signs of life” detected at crash site of helicopter that was carrying Iran’s president and other top officials, according to Iran state TV.
Martin Griffiths said that the Israeli military's decision to effectively close two major aid crossings will only worsen Gaza's already deadly starvation crisis.
Doctors have now given Prime Minister Robert Fico a positive prognosis, four days after the populist leader was repeatedly shot at a public event.
The airstrike killed mostly Palestinian women and children at the Nuseirat refugee camp, which dates back to the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.
One local government official used the word “crash," but others referred to either a “hard landing” or an “incident.”
“If you choose the path of fanatics and lead the entire nation to the abyss — we will be forced to quit the government,” Benny Gantz said.