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The chase was on in South Africa, but it didn't last long.
Authorities had been looking for eight young people reported missing last week when they found the site on the outskirts of Guadalajara.
A 57-year-old truck driver was detained and held on suspicion of causing reckless endangerment to life.
Ben Roberts-Smith unlawfully killed prisoners and committed other war crimes in Afghanistan, a judge ruled in dismissing claims he was defamed by media.
Ukrainian air defenses shot down all 10 cruise and ballistic missiles launched by the Kremlin’s forces, but falling debris wounded 16 people.
“This bold step will make health warning messages virtually unavoidable."
Serbs held more protests in a northern town where clashes with NATO-led peacekeepers left dozens injured and sparked fears of renewed conflict.
Hamburg-based Teutonia Ottensen called its punishment for stopping a game in protest of racist abuse apparently directed at Marcus Coffie “a slap in the face."
Air New Zealand wants to weigh 10,000 passengers so pilots can better know the weight and balance of their planes before takeoff.
Investigators were on the case when the Grand Canal became fluorescent green overnight.