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The sudden rise in tourists to Qatar is putting pressure on camels, who have almost no time to rest between each ride.
The World Health Organization said numerous individuals and countries asked the organization “to propose a way forward to change the name.”
Barely a month after granting himself a third five-year term as China's leader, Xi Jinping is facing a wave of public anger over his “zero COVID" policy.
Chinese authorities told the BBC that the journalist was detained to protect him from getting COVID.
The decision was intended to show “support for the women in Iran fighting for basic human rights,” the U.S. Soccer Federation said Sunday.
The protests are the most widespread show of opposition to the ruling party in decades.
Ukraine in recent days has faced a blistering onslaught of Russian artillery fire and drone attacks, with the shelling especially intense in Kherson.
Messi came up with another crucial goal for Argentina in a 2-0 win over Mexico that ignited the team’s World Cup chances.
Chevron can resume some oil production in the country, the White House said.
Earlier Saturday, authorities in the Xinjiang region opened up some neighborhoods in Urumqi after residents held late-night demonstrations against the city’s “zero-COVID” lockdown.