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The failings of Brazil's president and other leaders who try to mask their incompetence with empty bravado will cause countless avoidable deaths.
Under a state of emergency decree, the prime minister can jail people for ‘disinformation’ and rule by decree.
People in the city have been directed to stay home, yet dozens gathered beside the Hudson on Monday to watch a hospital boat sail into Pier 90.
Coronavirus cases may be starting to peak in Europe, but lockdowns will likely remain in place for months, officials said.
Stay up to date as we cover the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effects across the world.
Last week, Clarence House revealed the Prince of Wales tested positive for COVID-19.
The Singer Laren museum east of Amsterdam says “Spring Garden” by the Dutch master was taken in the early hours of Monday.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the International Olympic Committee agreed to postpone the Summer Games in Tokyo because of the coronavirus.
The launches suggest leader Kim Jong Un is trying to strengthen domestic support as concern over the pandemic grows.
Scenes of life amidst the coronavirus pandemic dominate this week's best images.
In the rush to find a treatment for the coronavirus, shortages of chloroquine mean people with various health conditions are missing out on medicine they need.
More than a half-million people have volunteered to support the UK's National Health Service, while neighbors are looking after neighbors all over the continent.
Stay up to date as we cover the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effects across the world.
Nearly 300 people have been killed and more than 1,000 sickened by ingesting methanol in the mistaken belief it protects against the new coronavirus.
Benny Gantz, who has spent the past year trying to topple Israel's prime minister, appeared to give the prime minister a new lease on life.
President Alberto Fernández promised to make Argentina the largest Latin American country to decriminalize abortion. Then a pandemic hit.
“The Maduro regime is awash in corruption and criminality,” U.S. Attorney General William Barr said in an online news conference from Washington.
Puebla Gov. Miguel Barbosa’s comment was apparently a response to indications that the wealthy have made up a significant percentage of Mexicans infected.
The sudden turn in the case took survivors and relatives by surprise and brought relief to people across New Zealand.
Skyrocketing coronavirus deaths and infections among doctors and nurses reveal stories of bravery, betrayal and a total lack of preparedness.