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“They’ll understand then,” Ukraine's leader told The Washington Post, arguing that all Russians should face consequences for Vladimir Putin's war.
Keo Chhea, Cambodia’s ambassador to the U.S., said the return of 30 antiquities to his country is like a returning of the souls of Cambodia's culture.
At least eight people were killed — some by drowning in their homes — and seven others were missing, while more rain was forecast.
He built one of Japan’s biggest fashion brands and was known for his boldly sculpted, signature pleated pieces.
Russia seized the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station — Europe’s largest — early in the war.
The lost and dangerously thin Beluga was first seen in France’s river, far from its Arctic habitat, last week.
She was 18 when she was arrested in 1942 for her association with the Polish resistance in Krakow.
The bear was later killed after injuring the French tourist.
A deal to end nearly three days of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants has held into the morning.
A dense black smoke cloud from the fire has spread about 62 miles west toward Havana.