World News

South Korea says North Korea has fired a ballistic missile toward its eastern waters a day before a visit by U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.
The European Union's top diplomat says the bloc suspects that damage to two underwater natural gas pipelines was sabotage.
Hurricane Ian devastated Pinar del Río province, where much of the tobacco used to make Cuba’s iconic cigars is grown.
The U.S. National Hurricane Center said “significant wind and storm surge impacts” occurred Tuesday morning in western Cuba.
Thousands of Russian men are seeking to avoid the call-up by fleeing into neighboring countries by land and air.
A series of unusual leaks on two natural gas pipelines running from Russia under the Baltic Sea to Germany have triggered concerns about sabotage.
Prosecutors are seeking an eight-year prison sentence and a hefty fine if she is found guilty of tax evasion.
Residents are being asked if they want their areas to become part of Russia. But the voting has been anything but free or fair.
Japan’s assassinated hawkish former leader, Shinzo Abe, has been honored by a rare state funeral that was full of militaristic pomp.
A beautiful portrait of the late monarch signaled a return to official duties for members of the royal family.