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The war in Gaza is showing no sign of abating and truce efforts have apparently stalled.
India registered more than 260,000 new cases and a record 4,329 fatalities in the past 24 hours.
As international outcry grows, the Biden administration has declined so far to criticize Israel’s part in the fighting.
The U.S. faces growing pressure to wade more deeply into diplomacy to end the worst Israel-Palestinian violence in years.
Israel “wants to levy a heavy price” on the Hamas militant group, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.
The Israeli government has not provided clear evidence supporting its decision to level the tower in Gaza City, The Associated Press’ executive editor said.
One photojournalist estimated seeing at least 300 shallow graves along a sand bar near Prayagraj, a city in Uttar Pradesh state, on Saturday.
The incident marks the single deadliest single attack since heavy fighting broke out nearly a week ago.
Fares Akram grew up in Gaza city. As a reporter for the Associated Press, he worked in the building that Israel destroyed with airstrikes.
"Free Palestine" rallies have taken place in several major cities, including Washington, London, Montreal and Sydney, amid escalating Gaza-Israel violence.