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“If you choose the path of fanatics and lead the entire nation to the abyss — we will be forced to quit the government,” Benny Gantz said.
About 400 demonstrators braved steady rains to rally on the National Mall on the 76th anniversary of what is called the Nakba, the Arabic word for catastrophe.
Robert Fico was attacked as he greeted supporters following a government meeting Wednesday in the former coal mining town of Handlova.
Israeli troops have recovered the bodies of three hostages who were killed by Hamas on Oct. 7 at an outdoor music festival near the border.
National police said the officers were alerted that smoke was rising from the synagogue and came face to face with the man when they got there.
Both the U.S. and aid groups warn the pier project is not considered a substitute for land deliveries that could bring in all the food, water and fuel needed in Gaza.
Many Palestinian aid workers are facing an uphill battle trying to coordinate humanitarian assistance in Gaza while keeping their families safe.
Charles got his first look at the canvas Tuesday at Buckingham Palace.
The International Criminal Court was also called the West's "puppet body" by Russia after issuing an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine.
The country's interior minister said a “lone wolf” has been charged in the attack that seriously wounded Robert Fico.