World News

In drought-stricken Spain, around 250 villagers brought back the faded practice of a special Mass and procession to pray for rain.
Protests and strikes against unpopular pension reforms are kicking off again across France.
An official with the National Immigration Institute said 29 people were injured after a fire broke out in an immigration detention facility in Ciudad Juarez.
Russia's Defense Ministry said the target was successfully hit by two Moskit cruise missiles.
The country's weapons tests and U.S.-South Korea military exercises have intensified in a tit-for-tat cycle, underscoring heightened tensions in the region.
The workers threatened to paralyze the economy while protesting against the prime minister's plan to overhaul the judiciary.
North Korea has fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea as the United States moves an aircraft carrier to neighboring waters for exercises with South Korea.
Florence's mayor also invited a school principal who was ousted after students were shown the nude statue to visit the Italian city so he can personally honor her.
Yoav Gallant called for a halt to the Israeli prime minister's planned overhaul of the judiciary that has fiercely divided the country.
Beijing's diplomatic victory comes as tensions rise with the U.S., including over China's increasing assertiveness toward self-ruled Taiwan.