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Delivery of doses is set to begin this month to give Olympic delegations time to be fully vaccinated before arriving in Tokyo for the games, which open July 23.
“He made Belgium bigger and France smaller, it’s not a good idea,” said David Lavaux, mayor of the Belgian village of Erquelinnes.
On Wednesday, a judge ruled that a letter written by the Duchess of Sussex that was published by the Daily Mail belonged to the Crown.
At least 70 people were also injured in the incident.
A German police task force had investigated the platform, its administrators and users for months, leading to the arrest of four men.
The American owners were part of the failed attempt to take the U.K. soccer team into a European Super League.
Hospitals in India are struggling to secure a steady supply of oxygen as coronavirus cases and deaths in the country surge.
But pricing differences could make it difficult for many to get the jab.
The country continues to grapple with the worst outbreak yet.
The country lost 100,000 lives in just one month. Some health experts warn there may be gruesome days ahead when the Southern Hemisphere enters winter.