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The Israeli military has widened its ground offensive as it bombards targets across the Gaza Strip.
Many journalists in the besieged enclave have expressed exhaustion with having to prove Palestinians’ humanity to the millions of followers they’ve amassed.
The announcement came after prosecutor Karim Khan visited the region for the first time since his appointment in the Hague-based court.
The interior minister says the 25-year-old French citizen targeted passersby with a knife, expressing anguish about Muslims dying after his arrest.
Israel’s military has ordered more areas in and around Gaza’s second-largest city of Khan Younis in the south to evacuate, followed by heavy bombardment.
Roberto Canessa survived for 72 days in freezing conditions after he and his rugby teammates crashed in the Andes Mountains.
“There is no place to go,” lamented Emad Hajar, who fled with his wife and three children from the northern town of Beit Lahia a month ago.
Hilda Heine said allegations of backdoor fossil fuel deal-making "undermine the integrity" of the international climate talks.
The report indicates that Israeli commanders ignored long-ago warnings of the militants' plot.
Airstrikes hit houses and buildings in the Gaza Strip minutes after a weeklong truce expired.