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Indian authorities hope to give shots to 300 million people, roughly the population of the U.S and several times more than its existing program.
Criticism of the decision as an attack on free speech only underlined European lawmakers' failure to keep up with technology.
The milestone was reached just over a year after the coronavirus was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan.
Kim Jong Un took center stage in celebrating a major ruling party meeting in which he vowed maximum efforts to bolster the nuclear and missile program.
More than 600 people were injured during the magnitude 6.2 quake, which sent people fleeing their homes in the darkness.
The politically sensitive investigation comes amid uncertainty about whether Beijing might try to prevent embarrassing discoveries.
A report said 9,000 children died in 18 mother-and-baby homes during the 20th century.
“I think vaccination is critical in order to ensure that we have a way out of this – otherwise it is going to be very difficult,” the Prince of Wales, 72, told CNN.
Nicholas Yatromanolakis said he'd like his appointment to his nation's conservative government to make it easier to tackle homophobia.
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