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Rodrigo Duterte also said he would order village leaders to compile a list of defiant residents.
European Union official Enrique Mora told reporters that “we are closer to a deal, but we are not still there.”
Raisi dominated the election only after a panel under the watch of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei disqualified his strongest competition.
Dr. Shigeru Omi’s recommendation seems to put him at odds with organizers and the International Olympic Committee, with the Olympics opening in five weeks.
The strikes came after Palestinian activists sent incendiary balloons into Israel for a third day.
The Shenzhou-12 craft connected with the Tianhe space station module, marking a milestone in China's space program.
Greenpeace apologized and police are investigating the stunt that took place before Germany's game against France at the European Championship.
The leaders had "constructive" talks and reached an agreement on beginning negotiations on limiting nuclear weapons, Putin said at a solo news conference.
The attack follows 11 days of Israeli airstrikes in May that destroyed Gaza, displacing families and killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians.
Charting the path of its 1620 namesake, this Mayflower is set to land at Provincetown on Cape Cod before making its way to Plymouth, Massachusetts.