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New coronavirus cases in South Africa have increased from about 200 a day in mid-November to more than 16,000 on Friday.
About 68.7% of the population in Germany is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, far below the minimum of 75% the government is aiming for.
The Duchess of Sussex won the latest stage in her long-running privacy lawsuit against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday and the MailOnline website.
The women's professional tennis tour says it is suspending tournaments in China because of concern about Peng Shuai's safety.
Police in Munich, Germany, say a World War II bomb has exploded at a construction site next to a busy railway line.
The calf appeared to be left for dead in Kenya's Masai Mara.
The Netherlands’ RIVM health institute found omicron in samples dating from Nov. 19 and 23.
Prince Akishino said libel hurts many people and even can lead to suicide.
Sandra Mason was sworn in as the first president of the former British colony during Monday's celebrations.
Dutch health authorities said the coronavirus variant was found in samples taken before South Africa first reported the variant to the World Health Organization.
Nations instituted travel bans and further restrictions, even as it remains unclear what the new variant means for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Governments around the world have reacted swiftly as scientists work to determine the risks posed by the omicron variant of the virus.
Officials later confirmed that at least 13 had the omicron variant.
Israel moved to ban entry by foreigners and mandate quarantine for all Israelis arriving from abroad.
The variant appears to be spreading more rapidly among young people in their 20s and 30s, alarming health professionals.
Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he "would not be surprised" if the variant is already in the United States.
The new COVID-19 variant was identified in South Africa two weeks ago.
State officials said the bus was heading to Chalma when it apparently lost its brakes and slammed into a building.
It was part of a global effort to pressure the e-commerce giant on one of its busiest days of the year.
Early evidence suggests it carries an increased risk of reinfection compared with other highly transmissible variants, the World Health Organization said.