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"It was as if someone just beat me up real bad," said a man whose terrifying experience on vacation in Thailand was caught on camera.
Big crowds have started marching in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and Nantes as more than 250 protests were organized across the country.
The heir to the throne met with British and Polish troops in Rzeszow, a city that has become a hub for shipments of military and humanitarian aid bound for Ukraine.
Many older people weren’t vaccinated and hospitals didn’t have adequate supplies, reportedly leading to as many as hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.
The legislation prescribes jail terms of up to 10 years for offenses related to same-sex relations.
Saad Almadi, a dual U.S.-Saudi citizen, is now at home with family members who live in Riyadh, his son said.
The Metropolitan Police Service, which is Britain's biggest police force, must “change itself” or risk being broken up, the report said.
If inmates served with the Wagner Group mercenaries, they will be able to return to Russian society.
A strike by Paris garbage collectors protesting a planned raise of the retirement age is taking a toll on the renowned aesthetics of the French capital.
Colombia is one of just eight countries where bullfights are still legal.