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Preventing wildfires largely comes down to "taking climate change seriously," the country's agriculture minister said.
“The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind,” said Barbados Governor General Sandra Mason.
The Health Ministry reported 90,123 new cases in the past 24 hours.
Alexei Navalny remained hospitalized in Germany after being poisoned with a Soviet-era nerve agent, a lab determined. The Kremlin has denied involvement.
Tension is high in the country following last month’s devastating explosion at Beirut’s port that killed nearly 200 people.
Navid Afkari was accused of killing a man at a protest against the country's Shiite theocracy in 2018.
The only continent free of the novel coronavirus has been called a "safe little bubble."
It's the latest Middle Eastern country to do so, following the United Arab Emirates.
Officials are currently deciding which groups will get priority.
Last week's demo in Trafalgar Square was backed by speakers and organisers endorsing wide-ranging but baseless conspiracy theories.