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Brian Wilson, Jason Isbell and Christina Applegate were just some of the celebrities singing the praises of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer on social media.
The legendary musician of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash died after a long illness.
Lucile Randon, known as Sister André, died a few weeks before her 119th birthday.
The actor achieved international stardom during the 1950s and was dubbed “the most beautiful woman in the world” after the title of one of her movies.
“Maybe a few more people will listen to me than would otherwise, you know, if it’s Sir Brian on the phone,” the legendary guitarist told the Associated Press.
Julia Misley said the singer allegedly exploited her over a period of three years.
“I started to have to say ‘Hello?’ at the register to get the cashier’s attention. ‘This is it,’ I thought. ‘I’ve become invisible.’”
"I don’t talk much about this ... Nobody knows what to say in response to my stories. Friends tell me I’m strong, that I’m handling it well. I am not."
Feeling exhausted today? Here's what the pros do after a night of little or no rest.
The two-time Cy Young Award winner used a pitching style where he doctored baseballs or made batters believe he was doctoring them.