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"I'm sorry, I have no control over technology," Behar said while trying to turn off her phone during Monday's broadcast.
The "Kimberly Akimbo" star said she hopes her version of composer Maury Yeston's masterpiece helps listeners understand "what it means to be human."
"I was clinging tightly to the life I had before. I wanted ― and thought I needed ― everything to stay the same, because if it did, then Simon wouldn’t be dead."
“Any kind of boost really reduces your chances of getting very sick from COVID,” Dr. Kathryn Stephenson of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center said.
The actor and singer died during the night Wednesday of natural causes at his home in Beverly Hills.
The 85-year-old Grammy-winning singer and pianist “plans to stay active in her musical and creative pursuits” through her eponymous foundation and other avenues.
"These tattoos have boosted my self-esteem and helped me love my body again ― something I haven’t felt since I was young."
In the letters, the rock legend tells his high-school sweetheart that he envisions changing his name and selling a million records.
The hall recognizes toys that have inspired creativity and endured over time.
“I’ve spent so many years protecting my story about IVF," the "Friends" star said, adding that she doesn't have "anything to hide" anymore.