Giacalone suffered severe brain damage after an allergic reaction in 2013 left her paralyzed and unable to eat on her own.
The transportation secretary, who is Christian, offered a message to white evangelicals who don't want to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
Cases broke a record for the fifth time this week, overwhelming hospitals.
It's still unclear why so many have not received the vaccine.
Nearly all deliveries through the global program intended to help the world's poorest countries are blocked until as late as June.
House panel on COVID-19 accuses aides of "overruling and bullying scientists and making harmful decisions that allowed the virus to spread more rapidly."
On Thursday, a judge ordered Debra Hunter to pay a $500 fine, serve six months probation and participate in a mental health evaluation and anger management class.
Mental health experts explain the impact and unique challenges of collective trauma and ways to cope.
“When you’re at that level, there is the risk of getting a surge back up," warned the nation’s top infectious disease expert.
"Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can travel across disparate dimensions to find Laura Palmer decades in the past ... ” one person helpfully noted.