The two-time Grammy nominee said the stroke impacted her ability to speak and sing: "I fought like crazy to get back on stage, and I have done it."
Florida's Republican governor and Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are running to Trump's right on vaccines.
“I don’t regret what I did,” the television host said of his chat with the "Shining" actor, who acknowledged having a mental illness on air.
Stone explained why supporting disabled people is a diversity issue during a Hollywood luncheon last week.
Bonaduce revealed he's suffering from hydrocephalus, a condition caused by a buildup of liquid around the brain.
The organization fired staff and shuttered its helpline — and users were disturbed by the chatbot advice that replaced it.
The judgments were related to health, safety and environmental violations.
The singer's diagnosis comes two years after controversy surrounding the depiction of the neurological condition in her film "Music."
The family will receive full protection from civil legal claims under the deal, which was approved by a federal appeals court.