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If we don’t start discussing these things with each other, coming imperfectly from a place of love, we will never move forward.
"I want this holiday to be less about freaking out and forcing fun, and more about loosening my grip enough to let in the wonders that are already here."
"My first solo experience out of America allowed me to experience a new form of liberation."
"'What do you do?' the woman asked me. I hesitated. I thought, 'I’m disabled,' but instead, I told her, 'I’m between jobs.'"
"Do I think a commercial can change the world? Probably not. But I’m encouraged that the world seems to be changing commercials."
"I was my own worst cop, Chief Prosecutor, judge and jury, sentencing myself to a life of wondering what I should have done differently."
"This is not the first pandemic Indigenous people have faced. Thanksgiving brings to mind the other things pilgrims brought to Native people. Things like smallpox."
After catching heat for a problematic casting choice, Sia clapped back at several professional autistic actresses. Here's what that signals to the autistic community.
"You don’t really know someone until you’ve navigated the criminal legal system with him. Until you’ve been kept apart by arbitrary and unnecessarily punitive laws."