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"I sinned, in several ways, with several girls and boys, friends and co-workers. My mother told me I was dirty. ... When I was 20 years old, I was excommunicated."
"I had been bleeding internally for five days before anyone figured it out."
"My students aren’t the snowflakes Gov. DeSantis assumes they are... and neither am I."
"Tom’s bullying was brutal. He made fun of my name. He made fun of my weight. He made fun of my family, my school work, my clothes. Nothing was off-limits."
"Reaction videos began to pop up, featuring people who were incredibly unhappy with my appearance ― to put it mildly.”
"As a fat person, even if I had access to swimwear that fit me, I didn’t think I deserved it. I didn’t think I could swim in public ever again."
"What, exactly, was the game plan, with a house suddenly bereft of progeny?"
"A woman introduced herself as a longtime friend of Jeremy’s ... 'I’m so sorry if I am the first one to share the news,' she wrote. 'He would want you to know...'"
"The original charge carried a possibility of five to eight years. In the meantime, it would be the better part of a year before I knew what the outcome would be."
"Why are we not talking about the painful reality of this disease?"