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“I’m not willing to risk my sobriety, because I don’t know what might awaken that monster that kept me from my kids.”
"I want my largest asset to serve a wider purpose beyond familial enrichment."
"The 'ski mask rapist' terrorized at least 25 women. The deputy DA called him 'arguably the most vicious and horrific serial rapist' in the county’s history."
"The global pandemic has exposed the already crumbling foundation of the American food system."
"I couldn’t imagine watching a man assault a woman in the middle of the day in front of everyone and doing nothing."
"We fill our social media feeds with happy baby photos yet we crumple behind closed doors."
"Dad was obviously excited to be taking his offspring to one of his favorite places."
"Post-pandemic and post-pandemic divorce, my daughter has often 'tested my love' by acting out."
"It’s not the ’60s and I’m not a hippie. Neither am I in my experimental teens or 20s. Yet here I am: a mom on mushrooms."