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“‘Would you rather have been aborted?’ This is the question some people ask me.”
"Nothing good is going to come from them staying under my roof no matter what hardships await them outside my door."
"Was Jill flirting with me? Was I flirting with her? I had butterflies every time I thought about her. It is so weird — my first boyfriend’s sister?"
"He would tell us about conservative public figures who would thank him because he’d discreetly helped them."
"Our choice was, and remains, controversial. But it shouldn’t be."
"When my husband emerges from the camp infirmary with our daughter draped across his arms, I do not recognize her. 'We need a hospital,' I tell him."
"Was it really worth jeopardizing my well-being just to have a genetic link to my non-guaranteed future child? I decided that I would try," the author writes.
"It has been 16 years, but I can still hear myself begging my mother, my doctor, not to make me do this ― please don’t make me do this."
"A lot of people have made headlines talking about GCS. Almost all of them have one thing in common: They’ve never actually been through it. I have."
"I felt like I didn’t 'count' as queer since I presented as a straight, monogamous mom in the South."