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"It’s no secret that celebrity professors are thought to be great for universities... but these benefits come with a cost."
"The Olive Garden attracts all sorts. I saw everyone I knew in town come through those doors, and I experienced every genre of restaurant guest stereotype."
"The women I met not only validated my experience by sharing their own, but I found comfort that they too were stuck in The Land of Retrospect."
"For more than a year, people had told us that we would know when it 'was time' by the look in our dog’s eyes."
"Thus began my summer of magical thinking — a heightened state of denial I would embody for more than a month."
"Susan loved Mark too much to hurt him, but I didn’t know how she felt about hurting me."
"For people like me who are single at heart, the risk is not what we'll miss if we do not organize our lives around a romantic partner, but what we'll miss if we do."
"Somewhere along the way, a universal shift occurred and most of us, me included, forgot how to be with people and experience life outside of a screen."
"As I stood mostly naked under her gaze, I became a problem, not a person."
"Every night, as we turn off Logan’s bedroom light and turn on the baby monitor, we hold our breath, steeling ourselves for the great unknown."