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“'What’s it like having people thanking you for your service everywhere you go, James?' I asked. 'You might think this is an exaggeration but you asked,' he said. 'It’s an act of violence.'”
"While other family members refuse to engage, I’m triggered into a primordial rage by the videos he texts me 'because he loves me and wants to help me wake up before it’s too late.'"
"Not everyone is aware of a big issue that makes starting a family prohibitive for those of us in this profession."
"The doctor told me there was no rush, even though the radiology report stated my tumor was 'of concern.' In fact, she was going on vacation for two weeks and her schedule was full."
"They were lightweight, PG versions of us with no complicated backstories. Must be nice."
The “mommy and me” construct reinforces the myth that mothers have “magical bonds” with children, putting all the pressure on mothers for caretaking duties. At the same time, it pushes dads away.
"I’ve been accused of pushing my 'homosexual agenda' onto kids through my writing. So, I will confess: They got me. I’m guilty. I do have an agenda."
"The idea of going back to mandatory, full-time virtual learning makes me feel like the walls are closing in on me."
"When I found myself suddenly quarantined with COVID-19 — after a good cry, some brief shame, and a little guilt — I felt relief."
"The hundreds of conversations I've had made me realize so many people, including doctors, really have no clue about someone like me."
"How could something so good possibly be bad?"
“Coming back tomorrow?” I heard one bedside ICU nurse ask another. “Absolutely not. I’m off. You couldn’t pay me enough to get me here tomorrow.”
"I wasn’t in touch with myself or my needs and, in fact, I felt guilty for having any."
"On the day of my husband’s cardiac arrest, many things had to go right for him to survive."
"All of this pearl clutching feels especially ironic, perhaps even disrespectful, in light of White's own approach to comedy."
"I didn’t expect submission to heal me, but it has."
"While everyone my age lamented the fact they weren’t able to go out to the club, I relished in an abundance of home-cooked meals from my grandmother and sporadic trips to Costco."
Betty White chalked up her happy life to kindness ... and hot dogs. Here are a few other ideas to consider trying as we begin 2022.
"Once we got rolling, it became intoxicating. After we finished a room, I would gaze at the pile of junk and shake my head. Why hadn’t we done this years before?"