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“It would be months before I knew the truth of what Andy actually went through during my nights of life-threatening fevers."
"By age 39, I was a mother of 10. And I had learned what kind of father my husband was."
"Telling the truth about family secrets and the Mormon Church was the only way of finding my lost self and beginning the journey of recovery from trauma."
"Was I willingly dragging my daughter into the line of fire?... Would my daughter not only *be* safe, but *feel* safe, when we landed?"
"The biggest question for me was what did this mean about my sexuality? What did that mean for me and Ella? Would we break up?"
"I thought I was just the first of many. Surely after the success of 'Sesame Street' and my contribution to it, all kinds of Latinx talent would flood the media. Not so."
“‘Stay and fight,’ some queer congregants begged me. But I’d fought valiantly for 15 years, and those stained-glass walls were caging me in.”
"Except for my husband, Bruce, I don’t remember telling anyone about my out-of-body experience. I didn’t know what to make of it nor how to talk about it."
"Though COVID is officially declared 'over' worldwide, this graduating class is entering the workforce with a unique skill set borne of unprecedented conditions."