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"My mother’s guiding principle was that it was more important to look good than to feel good. ... When I was in high school, she sat me down and gently explained that I was no natural beauty."
"It would be the first of many diagnoses as we battled a tumor that was supposed to be 'the good kind.'"
"I’m simply a daughter who cares about her parents. And I’m a citizen looking around at our irrational health care system and feeling helpless, enraged and scared."
"One moment you’re just a kid, and the next you are a Person of Color."
"Can you fall in love in an instant? Maybe, but I think this feeling had been building for a long time without me realizing it. Can you change in an instant? Absolutely and hell yes."
A recent op-ed in the New York Times argues that “sex work is an inappropriate phrase because it is neither sex nor work.”
"How had I missed such obvious, significant parts of the people who were closest to me?"
"In my late 20s, I started to have thoughts that people were out to get me. As the paranoia increased, I stopped eating and sleeping."
"Sometimes I feel pressured to confirm that he's getting better. I can't tell him that actually, he won’t."
“I knew in my gut that something was really wrong — we just couldn’t seem to figure out what it was.”