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"The shame of Columbine’s notoriety and the guilt of knowing killers meant that I hid my past. I stayed mostly silent about my experience for years."
"He entered the room. The nurse stood at a distance from the examination table, leaning against a countertop, like she didn’t want to be associated with him."
"I imagined them falling asleep and waking up next to someone else, calling someone else when they were hurting, and marrying someone else instead of me."
"My daughter’s 'diagnosis' was by far the worst. She said her mom disappeared."
“You make it sound worse than it was,” I replied, though as I said the words, I suddenly wasn’t so sure.
"Prison violence should concern everyone, because most incarcerated people reenter society."
"I could keep chasing thinness. Keep tying my life to it. Or I could let the quest go. Just let it go."
"As I neared the end of my journey, I was still looking for that 'big' moment of revelation, when I hoped to see unmistakable evidence of the Divine."
"I understood that not talking about the pain I was feeling would protect them. So we all learned to pretend."
"'I can’t explain it,' I told my husband. 'But it’s all-consuming. I go to bed thinking about her. I wake up thinking about her.'"