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"The isolation of the pandemic is exponentially worse for me than it is for a sighted person.”
"What I am seeing, what I am living through ... is a breakdown of policy with potentially deadly consequences that people, including the governor, need to know about."
"At first, I thought divorce was our only option. 'Once a cheater, always a cheater' looped in my head, along with the imagined porno film of what my husband had done."
"At the time of this writing, I have been sober for 12 years. But the moment this all happened, the pain of it felt like too much for me to bear."
I was in the Capitol when disabled protesters were dragged out of their wheelchairs. Last week, rioters strolled right in.
At 64 and with underlying health issues, continuing to teach was too much of a risk for me.
“The caseworker called and said Mom has 72 hours in the hospital. Then Medicare is kicking her out. Not only that, Mom needs family to provide 24-hour care or she goes to a nursing home.”
"Though I was half-Black, I was hellbent on being seen as fully white. Then, everything changed."
"Even when the limitations of my body overshadow me and Hannah, we can still find moments of grace."
"Checking in at the main office, we were greeted by a shirtless innkeeper. When he stepped out from behind the counter, I realized he was completely nude."