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"What do we do now with all the grief that never had its proper chance to be shared in person?"
"One study shows that 63% of Black people don’t 'believe in' mental illness, dismissing it as a weakness or something on which white people spend their time and money."
"My ego interpreted it as the end of her artistic career. But when I listened, her message was much louder, clearer and broader than I could have dared imagine."
"I had no idea how disruptive the procedure would be."
"Every time tank top season arrives, I not only get a bit self-conscious, but also depressed."
One time, "I asked about the identity of someone in a group photo my roommate had posted on Facebook, only to find out the mysterious stranger was me."
“I’m not willing to risk my sobriety, because I don’t know what might awaken that monster that kept me from my kids.”
"I want my largest asset to serve a wider purpose beyond familial enrichment."
"The 'ski mask rapist' terrorized at least 25 women. The deputy DA called him 'arguably the most vicious and horrific serial rapist' in the county’s history."
"The global pandemic has exposed the already crumbling foundation of the American food system."