Gun-toting masked men crashed Lamor Miller-Whitehead's sermon and stole over $1 million in jewelry from the Brooklyn pastor and his wife.
Clergy are exempt from reporting child sexual abuse in over half of U.S. states.
A poor turnout at Saturday’s extremist-laden campaign event could be an indicator the far-right candidate for Pennsylvania governor is losing steam.
The unusual clash occurred during violent protests over the death of a young woman in "morality police" custody because her scarf was allegedly loose.
The conspiracy theorist lawmaker has an epic mixup.
The Orthodox Jewish university in New York City argued that recognizing the club would "violate its sincere religious beliefs."
A New York district attorney also said police are checking to see if the accused attacker was working alone.
John Miller resigned from the NYPD after lying about its Muslim surveillance program. Now he’s covering law enforcement for CNN.
A federal judge who frequently sides with conservatives just handed anti-LGBTQ Christian employers a big win.
The Canadian children's camp is under investigation over the incident, according to the CBC.