"By age 39, I was a mother of 10. And I had learned what kind of father my husband was."
The Daily Show captured the lowlights of the televangelist's career well before his death at age 93.
"Telling the truth about family secrets and the Mormon Church was the only way of finding my lost self and beginning the journey of recovery from trauma."
Robertson built an empire but ultimately became a caricature of the angry, bigoted Christian.
Robertson helped make religion central to Republican Party politics in America through his Christian Coalition.
A dive into the cultural narrative that queerness and spirituality are like oil and water.
The pope is expected to remain at Rome’s Gemelli hospital for several days and all papal audiences through June 18 have been canceled as a precaution.
The action-movie icon terminates every 'f**king liar' who says there is life after death.
The online public charter school would be open to students across the state in kindergarten through grade 12.
“‘Stay and fight,’ some queer congregants begged me. But I’d fought valiantly for 15 years, and those stained-glass walls were caging me in.”