"It has been habitual, since I left the enclave, my careful shuttering of myself."
The squad's hate-filled game against a team from a predominantly Jewish area got the Anti-Defamation League's attention.
“It's insane to see the level of Islamophobia in these blue areas,” one of the candidates said.
The attorney general had a fiery rebuke for Republicans who suggested he has presided over discrimination against Catholics.
"How had I missed such obvious, significant parts of the people who were closest to me?"
This is not the first policy France has enacted targeting Muslim dress under the country’s laws regarding separation of religion and government.
Pope Francis, who embraces tackling issues like climate change and poverty, said a correct understanding of Catholic doctrine allows for change over time.
"This small act of destruction made me look at the neighborhood I’ve lived in for over a decade, where I’ve always felt safe and welcomed, in a new way."
The former Trump attorney responded to being charged with violating Georgia’s RICO Act by saying she “will simply continue to honor, praise, and serve Him.”
A father of four who was present said his children are refusing to sleep alone out of fear after the incident.