Wahab tapped into what she learned growing up in the foster care system to win her race and become the first Afghan American elected to the state Senate.
The former president addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition.
One ripped the ex-president for acting "like a little elementary schoolchild." Another warned that if the GOP turns to him in 2024, "we will get destroyed.”
Footage showed authorities battering passengers and shooting on a train platform as protests against the country's religious laws intensified.
The former "Full House" star blamed the backlash on “the members of the media responsible for using this opportunity to fan flames of conflict and hate.”
The church has done aggressive political organizing against same-sex unions and still views marriage as between a man and a woman within the Mormon faith.
After 14 years on the Hallmark Channel, Bure said she intends to only produce films that "keep traditional marriage at the core."
One of the headstones reportedly read: “Kanye was rite."
The fast food chain's German division suggested customers commemorate the anniversary of Nazi attacks on Jews by eating cheesy chicken.
The GOP nominee for Pennsylvania governor thought Christian prophets foretold his victory. On Tuesday night, he watched Fox News tell him otherwise.