The American League MVP is now a very, very rich man.
Portugal's coach expressed frustration about the soccer star's attitude in what is probably his last World Cup.
The knockout game came down to penalty kicks.
The team's longtime play-by-play man was "stable and responsive" when he was taken to the hospital, according to a statement.
The Brooklyn Nets star had a partnership with the company since 2014.
The Hall of Fame coach worked with some of tennis' biggest stars, including the Williams sisters, Andre Agassi and Monica Seles.
But thirsty World Cup fans must make an appointment first to purchase alcohol at the tightly guarded site.
The two-time MVP fired off unreal 3-point shots in a clip shared by Sports Illustrated.
The Gators scrubbed Kitna’s name from their roster and his biography from their website late Thursday, just hours after Kitna’s first court appearance.
Iranian midfielder Saeed Ezatolahi mourned the death of his friend and childhood teammate Mehran Samak.