Weird News

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
Rodney and Julie Wheeler allegedly pretended she plummeted from an overlook so she could avoid being sentenced on a charge of federal health care fraud later this month.
Researchers says the so-called “snot palaces” could possibly help human construction if scientists manage to crack the mucus architectural code.
There's something for every pop, including merman tails, marijuana vending machines and, of course, preserved racehorse poop.
Eyewitnesses reportedly saw one of the monkeys chewing on a sample collection kit at the top of a tree.
The Dutch theme park Walibi Holland put the plush bears onto its Untamed coaster, and it looks like they're loving it.
The prosecution did not prove the man intended to intimidate when he messed up a client's address, the judge ruled.
Jennie Stejna celebrated her successful fight against COVID-19 with an ice-cold brew.
Officers for the Fort Myers Police Department said the doughnuts as well as some blueberry pie-scented spray in a trap did the trick.
Young Alessandro Breda kept his cool throughout the nerve-racking encounter.