Weird News

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
The doll shows the infectious disease specialist demonstrating how to “flatten the curve” in the coronavirus pandemic.
James Campbell spent his 32nd birthday on Wednesday by running at least 7,000 times in his backyard.
A tractor-trailer hauling toilet paper crashed and caught fire near Dallas early Wednesday, spilling the hot commodity all over an interstate.
A "very sweet" pit bull was reportedly in the driver’s seat after the car crashed. Her owner faces multiple charges.
Bob Weighton lived through the 1918 flu and two world wars, but said nothing in his 11-plus decades prepared him for life in the coronavirus era.
Authorities said Canaan Bower, 16, helped stop a kidnapping and assault near Las Cruces, New Mexico, by pinning a man to the ground until deputies arrived.
Jimmy Fallon started the hashtag when he posted that he'd whispered to his hand sanitizer, “You’re like a son to me.”
No word on what the suspect was listening to do before the alleged attack.
Researchers said the creatures could be filling the biological role once played by extinct animals like giant llamas.
Break out the eggnog and crank up the carols, the holiday is making a March return amid shelter-in-place orders.
Starting this month, Russia’s Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre will stream its performances online and allow just one spectator in the theater to watch in person.
"You can't take these things away from people in times of stress,” an industry spokeswoman said about the increased use of cannabis.
Officials said the 60-year-old suspect pretended to be a cop in order to avoid paying a $2 bridge toll.
Drivers are dropping off rolls of TP to the man who quickly gives them away to those in need.
The hashtag #QuarantineCats took off on Twitter Monday.
A hairless feline from Switzerland is gaining fans for his extreme looks and winning personality.
The Florida Senate sent Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis a bill Thursday that removes an entire chapter of state law regulating the telegraph industry, including $50 penalties for not promptly delivering messages.
The Shaft Bottom Boys of Sudbury, Ontario, sang their way into the record books on Saturday when they performed 6,213 feet below sea level.
It gets so hot on a distant planet designated Wasp-76b that iron vaporizes in the atmosphere.