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Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
Lopburi is being run ragged by more than 2,500 wild monkeys so officials are trying to trap the simian raiders using trickery and ripe tropical fruit.
Vermont State University’s Castleton campus is honoring the feline not for his mousing or napping, but for his friendliness.
The two kits born this spring to the celeb groundhog and his partner, Phyllis, are named Sunny and Shadow. Sunny is a female, Shadow a male.
The Philadelphia-based school weighed in on the "unfortunate error" after a TikTok user questioned how someone could "mess up that badly."
There's something for every kind of strange mother, including kitty ear headphones, a portable urinal and bath products inspired by the movie, "Shrek."
Rakus an adult male, plucked and chewed up leaves of a medicinal plant known to treat pain and inflammation, and then applied the plant juices to an injury on the right cheek.
Pennsylvania man Joie Henney has thousands of social media users following his pages devoted to Wally, the cold-blooded companion.
Fujikawaguchiko has lots of scenic photo spots of the iconic mountain, but misbehaving foreign tourists are triggering a wave of concerns and complaints from residents.