Weird News

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
Larry Pfaff Jr. wrote that his dad's death is proof that “evil does eventually die.”
A city councilman in Aurora, Colorado, said the council couldn't believe the 65-year-old ban on ice cream trucks.
The kangaroo's Louisiana owners could reportedly face charges if they don't give up the marsupial.
The restaurant had opened at a Wilmington, Delaware, mall in 1987.
The man wore a Disney name tag and wanted to "show weaknesses" in the theme park's security, according to police.
The American Airlines customer grew so frustrated with its mobile app, website and chat platform that he drove to the airport after spending four hours on hold.
A company spokesperson said the offer was copy/pasted from a similar offer in White Plains, New York -- but only the word "Plains" was deleted.
The couple watched the Stanley Cup Finals and were shocked when the trophy was mistakenly delivered to their home.
The driver, Thomas W. Lee, also claimed he stole a car for the chase because he "was tired of walking."