Weird News

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
Many insiders believe "marijuana" is a term with racist roots, while others aren't so high on calling it "weed." But 4/20 will give us time to contemplate.
New brands of bud from celebrities like Bella Thorne are also smoking hot with cannabis consumers this year.
When animal rescuers in Poland showed up at the scene, they were able to nab the suspect bread-handed.
"You can't give us a lifetime of movies then punish the hero who goes for it," one Twitter user protested.
William Amos, who has represented the Quebec district of Pontiac since 2015, appeared on the screens of his fellow lawmakers completely naked Wednesday.
The driver appears to have shattered the car's windshield during the wild stunt.
Amazingly, many experts took the side of the processed meat product over the celebrity astrophysicist.
Darius, who holds the Guinness World Records citation for the world’s longest rabbit, disappeared from a backyard in the village of Stoulton over the weekend.