Weird News

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
The Barbary macaques spent the day lolling in the sun near a forest before being recaptured.
Technical issues caused half a million high school seniors to be accepted into a program that usually accepts about three dozen students a year.
The “Parks and Recreation” star’s name began to trend on Twitter Wednesday, implying that the bizarre headline was a real news story.
Coinstar came to the aid of Andreas Flaten, who found the gargantuan pile of oil-soaked pennies on his driveway, courtesy of his former employer.
"It's just one of those funky plays that I don't think is gonna happen again this year," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said.
"I was really confused," Virginia high school student Brendan Martin said after the wild incident interrupted his nap.
“They know what they’re doing; it’s not their first time,” one customer said. “They’re very fat so I think they’ve got a whole system there.”
Many people wondered if the boat was jealous of the attention being given to the giant cargo ship wedged in Egypt’s Suez Canal.