Weird News

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
John Reyes is hoping to sell the copper coins for $25,000 and says it's possible some of the coins might be particularly rare.
Washington-based radio host Chris Stigall burst out laughing as he explained the cause of the blooper by RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann.
Zoey, a 3-year-old canine from Metairie, has a tongue that is longer than a 12-ounce can of soda.
Footage of something in the water has people perplexed — but a TV meteorologist says he's solved the mystery.
Dad will love a macaroni-and-cheese robe, a nose-hair removal kit, and of course slippers that look like grilled steak.
Building managers have put up two signs saying, “Warning! Beware of falcons. Parents will attack to protect babies on building ledge. Take a different path.”
Experts say the specimen is less than 1 million years old, which is relatively "new" by fossil standards.
Last week, seniors at Meade High School offered to sell the property for a measly $42,069.
A baker finally got the bear to leave by honking a car horn.