Weird News

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
"Police believe that the buck is part of an organized crime group breaking into buildings in New Hampshire."
If the Boise Public Library were still enforcing the late fee printed in the book, it would have racked up more than $800 in fines.
There's something weird for everyone in our annual holiday gift guide. Who wouldn't love musical toilet paper or cellphone-shaped cheese?
A recent story about a wealthy German shepherd named Gunther wasn't exactly what it seemed.
The suspect told police he wanted to make sure to get to the driving test on time.
Officials plan to milk the massive funnel-web spider for venom and send it to a pharmaceutical company that can turn it into antivenom.
Gunther VI is asking $31 million for the eight-bedroom waterfront home once owned by the “Material Girl” singer.
It is unknown how long the man had the condition, but doctors said the disease is "indolent," and can avoid the body's immune response system for almost five years, the study said.
It was hard to bear, but the bear was able to drink and eat.
The bird spent four days in the storage area of a moving van from Las Vegas to Westbrook, Maine.
“It was just a story of hope and kindness and people just working together,” Ben Pascal said about the reunion his daughter, Naomi, had with her favorite toy.
Cobb County Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Leonard posted a mock order on Twitter Thursday banishing these elves calling his gift to tired parents.
NASA astronaut Megan McArthur described the situation Friday as “suboptimal” but manageable.
Doug -- who got that name because he was "dug" up -- weighs 17 pounds, well above the current potato record of 11 pounds.
Hundreds of little robots -- knee-high and able to hold around four large pizzas -- are now navigating college campuses and even some city sidewalks in the U.S.
One dog raised the alarm while the other stayed with their fallen 71-year-old owner.
Genetic testing has confirmed that two male chicks hatched in 2001 and 2009 from unfertilized eggs were related to their mothers. Neither was related to a male.