Weird News

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
The 10-feet-wide home sold for $1.25 million, according to Zillow.
Drivers are growing tomatoes, cucumbers and string beans in the rooftop plots.
“I grabbed the bag, I felt something smushy on the bag, so I turned it over and there it was,” lamented shopper Shirley Wright-Johnson.
Attorney Mark Metzger III explained that he was trying to find “a little bit of positivity in the gloomy doom.”
Former drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán fled the Culiacan home in 2014 when Mexican marines had him surrounded. Its current value is $183,000.
Turns out cows can be potty trained as easily as toddlers. Maybe easier.
A video posted on Instagram shows the bear pulling the bin away from a garage wall, turning it over and trying to pry it open.
This year’s winning researchers figured out whether it’s safer to transport an airborne rhinoceros upside-down; and how disgusting that discarded gum stuck to a shoe is.