Kudos Eclipsed who made theater history as the first all-female cast and creative on Broadway.
The company also is changing the way it calculates paid time off for workers.
Some weeks ago I was headed down up the Hudson River on the train from Albany-Rensselaer to Penn Station. As I rode I was thinking about my former teacher, Alan Cheuse because at the time, Alan was still in a coma from head injuries sustained in a car accident in California.
Many were disappointed that the Treasury hadn't listened fully to the Woman On 20s campaign that had polled users to support
Hamilton is sometimes criticized by progressives in hindsight as a stooge of financial titans, too in love with creditors
By Beth W. Orenstein On an average day, 30 percent of American adults walk for exercise and with good reason. Walking doesn’t
It was the cut that catapulted her to superstardom. "Sure, I like my short hair," she told People magazine. "It also quadrupled my rate."
The Journal News (http://lohud.us/1OhVgfx ) says police found 10,600 bags of heroin in a concealed compartment of the car
It takes a lot of courage to be a true entrepreneur in developing countries. As women entrepreneurs, we face the same challenges that all entrepreneurs face.
The billionaire Republican Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, injected himself into ceremonies in Chicago last week presided over by the city's Democratic mayor and the nation's Democratic president.
Her concept, "Name the Rescue," is simple: animal shelters allow people or businesses to name an adoptable pet (a.k.a. rescue pet) in exchange for a donation.
In contrast, education is an ever-changing environment where students must constantly adapt to new information. “You can
Among the children studied in the report, most of them received government assistance from medicaid, which contributed to
Use your skills and passions to your advantage. Integrate three of your interests to see what inventive combinations you can generate. For example, I'm an entrepreneurial action sports and hip hop enthusiast who films skateboarding videos while rapping about entrepreneurship.
Now that's a lasting impression. The Cuatrocienegas Basin, the area where the prints were found, has long included important
Which would you purchase? A white shirt made in Indonesia selling for $14.99 with a "designer label" or a white shirt made in Indonesia for $25 which has a fair trade designation? Why do you think there is such a discrepancy?
Powell helped organize the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative, which invests $100 million to educate disadvantaged women
The hunt leads participants throughout the city -- those outside the city can take part online -- and a clue given out between