100 years

With just months separating us from the inauguration and commercial opening of the expanded Panama Canal, the excitement's been palpable.
America's eating has certainly changed a lot over the decades.
At 84, I am 10 years beyond Zeke's deadline, his drop-dead notice that I should have moved on. As I look closely at my own life, I have done much more good work in the last decade than ever before in my life.
3. Better yet, join a French Words et Wine or Mandarin for Beginners group. Canadian scientists used CT scans to compare
The journey of a hundred miles or years begins not with the first movement forward but with the thought that precedes it. "The belief in 100" is so important because you are moldable, shapable like clay under a sculptor's hands -- yours.
Petra's entrance is waking up from its reverie, its rock-cut tombs, temples and rose red walls sleepy with shadows.
When we parted he told me, "There is a point in a long life, young man, when you see the truth of things with absolute clarity. "
The intrepid Maria Popova -- BTW, if you're not subscribing to her newsletter or following her on Twitter, you should -- points
   $1.49 a gallon. What's great is there are so many creative ways to tie George W. Bush and John McCain together. These
I was the questioner at the January 3 Town Hall Meeting in Derry, NH, who McCain called Ernest Hemingway and who asked him what he hoped to accomplish in Iraq and how long it would take.
Conservatives want a double standard -- where they can characterize Democratic positions in any way they choose, but whine up a storm when their policy views are scrutinized.