In partnership with At the Threshold, the University of Havana and the International Cuba Society in New Orleans, the week
Good news: brand loyalty is trending. Bad news: as a result, customers get more upset by disruptions, such as when their favorite products or services are unavailable or difficult to obtain.
History has shown repeatedly that business dreams are birthed through chaos and from the ashes of despair, new business ideas rise. I encourage all the small and black-owned businesses impacted by looting and fire in Ferguson, MO to stay in the game and to know that their customers are waiting for them.
Detroit's similarities to '70s New York make for a seemingly dire environment for the small-business graduates. The city
These things weren't hard, or complicated, or even magical in nature. They were simple, small steps that just needed the time to be addressed.
“When women are economically independent, they have more political voice, their children are more educated, [and] health
And she's poised to, with Cityzen by Azin taking off. Recent wins for the brand have included Michelle Obama accepting the
Supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs has been a priority for President Obama since Day One of his administration. Why? Because he knows small businesses are responsible for creating two out of every three new jobs in the United States.
Small business is the lifeblood of economic development, providing employment and contributing to our communities — and enabling their success is more important today than ever before.
What Is Working
Johnson, whose committee will get an update from Goldman officials next week, noted that Goldman's effort should be praised