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Joe Biden addressed a crowd at the Huffington Post and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Dinner in Davos and spoke in favor of women's empowerment.
"We've really been committed at Goldman Sachs for 145 years to thinking about ways we can make a positive impact through
As an estimated one billion additional women enter the global workforce over the next decade, it will be the nations who invest in women's education, training and full inclusion in the workforce that find themselves in position to compete and lead the world economy.
“When women are economically independent, they have more political voice, their children are more educated, [and] health
Small business is the lifeblood of economic development, providing employment and contributing to our communities — and enabling their success is more important today than ever before.
What Is Working
We had planned our luncheon in the elegant Edwin Gould Foundation library for forty people. Over eighty guests attended, and
Noble Prize Nominee, human rights activist, and Cambodian Parliamentarian Mu Sochua spoke. Filmmaker, banker and lawyer Guy