As a former lobbyist, I almost had to admire the way they unswervingly stayed on message. And the message was that the status quo was good for everyone and that Ted and I were wasting our time exploring whether market changes might call for statutory and regulatory changes.
In the deafening cacophony of voices in Washington on the debt ceiling, it is easy to miss a potentially more significant
Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions. But the United States is likely to lose $1.3 billion that it had
WASHINGTON (Margaret Chadbourn) - The law overhauling the financial system should continue to protect the economy in the
Perhaps President Abraham Lincoln's famous words of hope for a "... government of the people, by the people, for the people..." will yet ring true again -- with a little help from Russ Feingold and his growing movement.
During the dark days that began Timothy F. Geithner’s tenure as Treasury secretary, he was constantly under fire, accused
Early last year, as they weighed whether to bar banks from speculative trading with their own money, congressional staffers
The language of this bill is not only out of sync with legal precedent, but with common sense and common dignity.
So here's what we know: The president's job-approval rating is back up again, higher than it's been in months. And here's what we don't know: Why?
What transpired this month in Washington, D.C., with repeal of the ban on openly gay and lesbian members of the military