These are trying times for concerned politicians and citizens alike. They are times in which the odd has become the ordinary. These are times in which the extreme has become the usual. These are times in which the virtual has become the real.
Below, take a look at the most tenured members of Congress who didn't much done this term, curated by FindTheBest: The 114th
A four-person roundtable — Zaid Jilani, a contributing writer for AlterNet; Seth Masket, an associate professor of political
Even if outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid does not schedule a floor debate on an AUMF this week, as is likely, at least the Foreign Relations Committee will have gotten the ball rolling by voting and passing a resolution. That's the most Americans can hope for from the 113th Congress.
Since last November, Senate obstruction hasn't disappeared, it simply has taken a different form.
As observers of human rights violations, we have noted sustained levels of injustice and deprivation against minorities. We maintain that fundamental violations of human rights in Iran stem from discriminatory laws that have become institutionalized and perpetuated structural violence.
Women in Congress by State - Total Historical | FindTheBest American voters brought Congress to a historical breaking point
Since then, most states have applied for inclusion in the updated program. Currently, 40 states, as well as Washington, D.C
If we decide elections why don't the issues we care about advance once the candidates we elect take office? In a system of representative government, shouldn't elected officials serve my interests once elected? They should, but women need to play a greater role in making sure they do.
"Seven weeks from the day we come in is New Year's Eve, and that's assuming we don't take Christmas week off and Thanksgiving